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Prayers for peacemakers. 29 March, 2017

Prayers for peacemakers. 29 March, 2017 

Water is life. Water is revitalizing energy. Water is a right. Every year on March 22, millions of people celebrate the World Water Day and raise awareness about the waste of water, the importance of preventing deforestation, protection of the paramos (unique ecosystems that produce high amounts of water), the need to control production of carbon dioxide, and other fundamental issues.

However, many people with specific interests prefer to make profits from extraction of oil, gold, coal and minerals, which destroys and endangers water sources in different parts of the world.

Today we invite you to pray for the guardians of water who despite the difficulties continue their struggle.

Hand of Leader of the Guardians of Water.

Hand of José Domingo, Campesino and guardian of water in Cajamarca, Colombia. This photo was taken on  March 25th, the day before the referendum. The mountain in the back, La Colosa, is the place where Anglo Gold Ashanti wanted to extract gold. Photo Credit: Hanna Thiesing.

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos March 21 - 27

A week of occupation in photos: March 21 - 27
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Pictured here:  Palestinians, including children and a differently abled teenager were stopped, detained and IDed on their way to work and school by Israeli soldiers. 

 (March 21, 2017)

Prayers for Peacemakers 23 March 2017

Prayers for Peacemakers 23 March 2017

This week in Prayers for Peacemakers we lift up a prayer of great thanksgiving for a successful Sabeel conference two weeks ago, and Steering Committee meetings, last week. Paraphrasing Psalm 133:1, "How good and pleasant it is when teammates sit together in unity!" Sabeel, an ecumenical center for liberation theology in Jerusalem, is a partner of Christian Peacemaker Teams Palestine. Together in unity, we affirm the prophetic call of the Gospel to renounce violence and dominative power. 

We also give thanks that Steering Committee meetings took place in Hebron so that board members who could travel here had the chance to meet teammates and participate in the work of the Palestine team on-the-ground. With the context in mind they deliberated over matters in order to build an organizational culture of justice, inclusion, mutual respect and welcome (CPT Faith Identity statement). We thank God for this good and pleasant opportunity to be together, even in the intensity of the context of Israeli military occupation.

CPT Reservist, Administrative Staff, and Steering Committee members

CPT Reservists, Administrative staff, and Steering Committee members from 5 countries joined the Sabeel conference, and the work of the team on the ground in Hebron/Al-Khalil.

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos March 14 - 20

A week of occupation in photos: March 14 - 20

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Child Arrest

Pictured here:  A Palestinian boy, who threw a stone at the reinforced checkpoint, was ambushed by three Israeli Border Police who were hiding within different buildings in the area. The boy was subsequently arrested and taken to a prison without his parents knowledge, where he stayed for a number of nights.

 (March 14, 2017)

CANADA: Rally to end Islamophobia


CANADA: Rally to end Islamophobia

by Rachelle Friesen

I am deeply humbled to stand beside all of you today, as we continue to confront Islamophobia, fascism and white supremacy - in all its manifestations.  Yet, I also recognize who I am, and the land on which we stand.

I am white. I am a settler. And I was born in a country that exists because of the genocide of Indigenous people and the dispossession of Indigenous land. I recognize that, today, we gather on that stolen land. Land that has never been willingly given up nor ever been relinquished, despite what white historians may tell us.

And as we gather here today, it is important to remember this land’s history, and the country that was built on it, it is important to remember its history especially when there are so many who work to rewrite it. It is important to remember this country’s history so we can one day stop repeating it.

This country was never built on values of freedom for all. Rather, it was built on the genocide of Indigenous inhabitants and the oppression of racialized people. It was built on sexual violence against women and built on the exploitation of the worker. This is this country’s history but it is also acutely felt and experienced in its present. 

Rally to end Islamophobia 

Photo Credit: Murray Lumley.

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