Prayers for Peacemakers, January 30

Pray for the people of Iraqi-Kurdistan and Palestine, this winter has been particularly hard and there are thousands of people living in refugee tents under extreme weather conditions. Pray for a more gentle weather for all of them. Pray also for the Palestinian children in Al-Khalil, who returned to school last week. During the month of December, the Israeli Army threw 172 tear gas bombs and 19 stun grenades to children while they were walking to school. The Israeli occupation and its violence are threatening Palestinian children’s right to education. Pray for these two nations.  

ISRAELI military welds shut Palestinian homes

CPTnet 26 January 2015 HEBRON, Palestine On the morning of 19 January, Israeli forces welded Zuheira Hashem Dundes front doors shut. Her family hasowned these two houses for centuries, and she still lived in one of them. Now her belongings are sealed inside her house, and she must live in her son's house across the street. The houses are located on Shuhada Street, most of which is closed to Palestinians. These women are some of the only Palestinians still living on Shuhada Street, making this act even more significant.

Prayers for Peacemakers, January 16th 2015

Pray for the Palestinian people. They are subjected everyday to extensive controls by the Israeli Army, as a consequence they cannot walk with freedom in their own land, and they have to modify their schedules regarding school, work and spare time based on these controls. Let us pray together for our Palestinian sisters and brothers, that they are not subjected anymore to this violation of their basic rights.  


Photo: Israeli forces continue the policy of checking nearly everyone that passes through checkpoint 56 in Hebron. The checkpoint passes from one Palestinian neighborhood to another. Imagine not being able to walk your streets without harassment from an occupying army?

“The Lord is my light and my salvation -whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life -of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27: 1)

Palestine: Occupation Captured

CPT Palestine has published a photo essay with ten images juxtaposing absurdity, sanity, obscenity, and serenity in Occupation.

Prayers for Peacemakers, January 7th 2015

Pray for Grassy Narrows’ community and forest. Pray that clearcut logging practices are abandoned permanently and that the Ontario government understands the environmental impact that this practice is having in the river system and the fish used by this First Nation community. 

Grassy Narrows 

Grassy Narrows First Nations, a community of about 1,500 near Kenora, is concerned that clearcut logging will increase mercury levels in local fish, which is a traditional dietary staple.

“Let’s hear it from Sky, with Earth joining in, and a huge round of applause from Sea. Let Wilderness turn cartwheels, animals, come dance, put every tree of the forest in the choir” (Psalm 26: 11-12)

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