June 25th, 2015

Flaming arrow, reciprocating metal saw—Send Brother Stephen suggestions for best way to take down Confederate flag

Flaming arrow, reciprocating metal saw—Send Brother Stephen suggestions for best way to take down Confederate flag

As Brother Stephen Colbert prayerfully considers whether God is calling him to remove the Confederate flag from the Columbia, SC Capitol grounds, we are asking our constituency to send him ideas for the best ways to eliminate this symbol of white supremacy from the seat of the state government.

For example, he could ask his friend Smaug to come along and blast it out of the sky (although, on second thought, it’s possible Smaug— “a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm"  might have pro-Confederate sympathies.)

The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore has suggested bolt cutters.

We appreciate the “Likes” on our Facebook page, but we think it possible that Colbert does not read our Facebook page.  Therefore, to help make the CPT trip with Stephen Colbert a reality, we need you send suggestions (pictures with URL links are even better) for ways he can take down the flag.

Please go to the and in the comments section under one of the postings suggest to Brother Stephen a likely tool he could use to take town the Confederate flag in Columbia.

For those of you with Twitter accounts:  You can send messages to @StephenAtHome.  We have no way of gauging how many are getting through or who is reading them.  Doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.  Good hashtags are #BlackLivesMatter and #TakeDownTheFlag. But the MOST IMPORTANT hashtag is #LSSC ( which stands for LateShowStephenColbert). Use pictures, if possible. 

Check out:   Favorite the #LSSC tweets of other Brothers and Sisters who are encouraging Colbert to travel to Columbia with CPT and Suey Park. Doing so will give these tweets more prominence.

To donate to the cost of the CPTers’ travel to Columbia, SC, click here. IF THE HOLY SPIRIT DESCENDS LIKE TONGUES OF FLAME AND WHITE PEOPLE IN COLUMBIA MOVE EN MASSE TO TEAR DOWN ALL SYMBOLS OF WHITE SUPREMACY IN THEIR CITY BEFORE COLBERT, CPT AND SUEY PARK GET THERE, money will go toward CPTers’ travel to project locations in Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Northern Ontario, and Palestine. 



June 24th

Prayers for Peacemakers, June 24, 2015 Palestine

Prayers for Peacemakers, June 24, 2015    Palestine

Give thanks for the steadfast determination of the people of Susiya, who have are facing the obliteration of their village at the hands of Israel.  Give thanks for their Israeli and international supporters who recognize their right to remain where their families have lived for generations, and who will help them rebuild.

PRAY BY PETITION: Sign the petition to save Susiya, if you have not done so already

  *Epixel for Sunday, June 28, 2015 
God did not make death, and he does not delight in the death of the living.  For he created all things so that they might
exist; the generative forces of the world are wholesome, and there is no destructive poison in them, and the dominion
of Hades  is not on earth. Wisdom of Solomon 1:13-14
*epixel: a snapshot-epistle to the churches related to and appearing with a text from the upcoming Sunday's Revised Common Lectionary

Writer, activist Suey Park will join CPT/Colbert delegation to South Carolina for removal of Confederate flag

Writer, activist Suey Park will join CPT/Colbert delegation to SC for removal of Confederate flag

Suey Park, who called for the cancellation of the Colbert Report in 2014, has said she will travel with Stephen Colbert and Christian Peacemaker Teams to Columbia, South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State Capitol grounds.

“I'll gladly join this trip if I'm welcome to keep Stephen company,” she tweeted.

Park, who created the hashtag, #NotYourAsianSidekick, further commented, “I think this a something I would happily be a sidekick for.”

We ask our constituency to contact Brother Stephen, request that he welcome Sister Suey on the trip (as Christian Peacemaker Teams does with great enthusiasm) and consult her on her choice of snacks.


To donate to the cost of the CPTers’ travel to Columbia, SC, click here. IF SOME WHITE PERSON/MOVEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE FEELS GOD CALLING THEM TO TAKE DOWN THE FLAG BEFORE COLBERT, PARK, AND CPT GET THERE, money will go toward CPTers’ travel to project locations in Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Northern Ontario, and Palestine.

 #BlackLivesMatter.  #BlackLivesMatter.  #BlackLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter.  


June 23rd

Christian Peacemaker Teams will accompany Stephen Colbert to Columbia, SC

Christian Peacemaker Teams will accompany Stephen Colbert to Charleston

The terrorist attack on black Christians at prayer in Charleston’s Mother Emanuel Church has left many white Christians asking what they can do to support their black brothers and sisters. 

“Stop white people from killing us,” has been the overwhelming response.

Another response has been that they want the Confederate flag on the Columbia capitol grounds to come down.

 Accordingly, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is calling on Stephen Colbert as a native white Christian son of South Carolina—who marched in solidarity with his martyred brothers and sisters in Charleston on Sunday—to travel to Columbia, SC, and take down the flag in any way he sees fit. 

 CPTers have accompanied people working for social change in zones of lethal conflict spanning the globe: peasants resisting displacement from their land in Colombia; refugees forced from their homes by ISIS who are building relationships with people outside their ethnic groups; Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation and Indigenous communities fighting multinational exploitation of resources on their traditional lands.  They are more than willing to accompany Colbert to South Carolina to help him respond in a very small way to what black Christians are asking of white Christians.

CPT takes note of this tweet…

‏@StephenAtHome  Jun 17

The new Late Show will have so many surprises for you! For me, too. I tend to nod off during meetings. #LSSC

 and suggests that Colbert has a lot of free time between now and September 8, when his show debuts.

 As Christians it is our job to exhort and encourage our brothers and sisters in in the Body of Christ.  Brother Stephen may be reached


 For comment contact: Kryss Chupp at the Christian Peacemaker Teams Chicago Office +1-773-376-0550 or Kathleen Kern at


June 17th

Prayers for Peacemakers, June 17, 2015 Indigenous Peoples Solidarity

June 17, 2015
Prayers for Peacemakers, June 17, 2015      Indigenous Peoples Solidarity

Pray for Canadian institutions to take seriously the ninety-four recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission regarding the atrocities committed against Indigenous people in the residential school system. Give thanks for the healing journey thus far, for the dedication of the survivors, and for the opportunities for genuine reconciliation created by their testimony. 

 *Epixel for Sunday, June 14, 2015
He does not forget the cry of the afflicted. Psalm 9:12b
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June 16th

IRAQI KURDISTAN: Peace through the eyes of Syrian children


Peace is what it was like before the war

On Tuesday, 26 May, three CPT members of the Iraqi Kurdistan team took the Children’s Art and Peace Project to the students of Kobani School in Sulaimani. 

The children were refugees from Syria. Their cheerful faces belied any suffering that they had endured. Several were wearing school uniforms they may have worn when they were students in Syria. They eagerly participated in the program, in many ways demonstrating the resilience of children. 

Wanting to show that working together is enriching, we told them that we came from different countries, with the same dream. One of us is from Poland, another from Canada and the third from the USA.  We are a peace team, involved in working for peace in spite of our own government's decisions regarding solutions to the violence. People around the world are joining hands, seeking peace, dreaming of what a world of peace would look like. Then, ready to have them share their dreams, we asked them, "What does peace look like?"

June 15th

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 31 May-6 June 2015



Pictured here: Heavily armed soldiers make way for the settlers participating in the weekly settler tour in the old city of Hebron.

June 13th

DETROIT, USA: International Social Movement Gathering, Peacemaker Congress stand for people’s right to water, housing


CPT Executive Director Shares Thompson shares
 about the potential for intentional communities
 to foster a more sustainable future.  Also pictured, 
Monica Lewis Patrick of We the People of Detroit.

Have you ever paused before turning on the faucet and thought, “Wow I can’t believe how incredible it is that I have running water?”  Probably not.  Most of us have never known life without running water in our homes.  Though we each use gallons of water each day for cooking, drinking and hygiene, seldom, if ever, do we think about how dependent our lives are on having access to clean water.  

Until we don’t have access… 

On 29-31 May, CPT Executive Director Sarah Thompson, Intern Hayden Abene, and CPT Palestine team member Cody O’Rourke attended the International Social Movement Gathering on Affordable Housing in Detroit, MI to see firsthand how the city of Detroit is systematically denying thousands of people the human right to clean water and housing.  Hosted by the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO)and the Detroit People’s Water Board, they joined over 300 people from forty-seven states and ten countries to share stories of injustice, resilience and generosity, and to strategize actionable ways to defend the human right to water, sanitation and affordable housing. 

June 11th

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Christian Peacemaker Teams, movement building and the Detroit Peacemaker Congress

Sarah Thompson
CPT Executive Director

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) began with these questions: 

What if pacifist Christians trained as hard for peace as militaries (including militant Christians) trained for war?  What if pacifist Christians (such as the Mennonites, Brethren, and Quakers) were willing to sacrifice as much for peace as a soldier is willing to sacrifice for war?  What could happen? 

Christian Peacemaker Teams is part of the answer to that question. Having begun in 1986, in the crucible of Latin American solidarity movements, CPT has continued to thrive within various social movements as a creative, faith-inspired organization committed to undoing oppressions and to strategic peacemaking interventions in situations of violent conflict.  Joining with you all—people who belong to social movements, have risked a lot, sacrificed much, and experimented with healthier ways of sharing this planet—enlivens our work.  It is one reason we hold a Peacemaker Congress every other year—this year it will take place in Detroit—so that our workers in the field can engage with you, our supporters. and new people interested in movement building. 

June 10th

Prayers for Peacemakers, June 10, 2015 Iraqi Kurdistan

Prayers for Peacemakers, June 10, 2015     Iraqi Kurdistan

Give thanks for the successful completion of the eight-week psychosocial program in Bazian, Iraqi Kurdistan that brought together youth who were Arabs from Anbar province, Yazidis from Sinjar mountain, and Syrian Kurdish and Syrian Arab refugees.  CPT partnered with REACH to create an experiential learning program that focused on communication, team building, and trust with the multi-faith, multi-cultural group of participants: children aged 11 to 14 and young people aged 15 to 18. 

*Epixel for Sunday, June 14, 2015
He also said, "With what can we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable will we use for it?
It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on earth;
yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, 
so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade." Mark 4:30-32
 *epixel: a snapshot-epistle to the churches related to and appearing with a text from the upcoming Sunday's  Revised Common 
Lectionary  readings.