Promoting 118 Days

Since we're self-publishing 118 days, we welcome help from the CPT community in promoting the book. Here are some ways you can help out:

1. Invite websites, blogs and organizations to link to:
- along with helping raise awareness of the book, links are an important part of raising the search ranking for 118 Days.

2. Get reviews and article in local media and indy press
- Are you a member of an organization that might publish a blurb in their newsletter? Do you know of a neighborhood paper that might be interested? - We have a press release you can send out to possible contacts.
- If a journalist wants to write a review, please send their address to Sarah Shirk at

3. Get 118 days into bookstores and libraries
- if you take copies of the book to an independent store, they might be willing to sell it on consignment. Contact the CPT office (details at the bottom of the page) to order bulk copies.

4. Promote 118 days at presentations, seminars and conferences
- this is especially important early on as we build the buzz for the book. 

5. Hand out fliers
- The pdf file below is three 118 Days fliers laid out for printing on a normal printer. Print them out, cut them up and spread them far and wide!