Online Nonviolence Training: Basics of nonviolent tactics for social change and de-escalation


Online Nonviolence Training: Basics of nonviolent tactics for social change and de-escalation

For over three decades, CPT has been equipping its corp with skills for peacemaking to build partnerships and support local nonviolent peacemakers in conflict areas who confront systems of oppression and violence. We want to share our skills with you and your community! CPT now offers online workshops for community groups and organizations.

If you and your community are interested in learning practical skills for community transformation, CPT offers online participatory workshops on the basics of nonviolent tactics for social change and de-escalation skills. 


Current online Trainings offered:


Take To the Streets: Protests and Police intervention in the US and Canadian context

CPT has brought together our collective experience to create a three-hour online training on protests and police intervention. This training is highly interactive for the participant. We will share our knowledge, tips, and tactics and then lead the group through exercises to create strategies to be carried into the streets as we work together towards justice.


Topics that will be covered and what you can expect to learn

  • De-escalation: learning and practicing various de-escalation skills and help discerning if it is appropriate to attempt to de-escalate different situations. 
  • Participating in a protest: Tips on preparing yourself for various protest scenarios that may arise. We will also cover protest anatomy, affinity groups, and common organizing structures. 
  • Police, Military, and other violent presence: Interacting with police and military, responding to state violence, preparing for arrest, and counter-protesters. 
  • Self Care: how to take care of yourself during and after this hard work. 


Length: 3hrs

Participant Capacity

The ideal size for a CPT workshop or training is around 15 participants. At a maximum, we can work with groups as large as 100.

Generally, we ask for a minimum of 6 people for online training. With fewer than 6 participants, there is usually not enough synergy for generative discussions or group exercises.



$500 for groups under 20 participants.

  • For groups above 20, please contact the email below for pricing.

*We never want money to be what holds people back from engaging with nonviolence or CPT! Let us know if finances are an issue; we want to work with you.


For more information:

Contact Julie Brown, our Outreach Coordinator at, for booking information.

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