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Application for Short Term Delegation

Please set aside approximately 30 minutes to fill out this application. After completing the Application, be sure to sign and e-mail the Statement of Personal Responsibility.

  1. Please fill out the information below to help us plan for how you can most effectively participate in an upcoming CPT delegation. You will note particular emphasis on the role of support persons for this peacemaking mission.

  2. Click, sign, save, and e-mail (no printing necessary) the Statement of Personal Responsibility
  3. Optional: Please send a brief resumé of your education and work experience if available to

CPT has limited funds available to assist applicants who otherwise couldn't participate. CPT is committed to undoing racism and will give preference to funding assistance applicants from communities who have been disadvantaged by racism. Contact to apply.

Application Form

Take as much space as you need, although the space looks short, there is no word limit.
CPT welcomes people of all gender identities. Please answer freely.
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Examples: African Descent, Asian Descent, European Descent, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native American, Kurdish, Palestinian, etc.
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