Steering Committee

CPT's Steering Committee functions as the board of directors and has general oversite of CPT's programs and operations. It is composed of:

  • Representatives from CPT's officially sponsoring groups and denominations
  • Representatives from CPT's Peacemaker Corps
  • Supporters who bring a group balance of skills and voice from their communities



  • Jason Boone -- Mennonite Church USA
  • Adriana Cabrera-Velásquez -- Peacemaker Corps Representative
  • Rezhiar Fakhir -- Peacemaker Corps Representative
  • James Jakob Fehr -- Deutsches Mennonitisches Friedenskomitee (German Mennonite Peace Committee)
  • Omar Harami -- At-large member
  • Steve Heinrichs -- Mennonite Church Canada
  • Nathan Hosler -- Church of the Brethren
  • Rafael Lopera -- Congregation of St. Basil
  • Marie Benner-Rhoades -- On Earth Peace
  • Regina Shands Stoltzfus -- Mennonite Church USA
  • Wilson Tan -- At-large member
  • Kathy Thiessen -- Peacemaker Corps Representative
  • Timothy Wotring -- Presbyterian Peace Fellowship