Aboriginal Justice Project Support Coordinator - Job Description

Job Description:  Aboriginal Justice Team Project Support Coordinator


This is a half-time position to provide support for the Christian Peacemaker Teams’ Aboriginal Justice Team (AJT).  The AJT seeks to undo colonialism in Turtle Island and support Indigenous communities seeking justice and defending their lands against corporate and government exploitation without community consent.  The project is focused in Canada with occasional work in the United States. www.cpt.org/work/aboriginal_justice The AJT Project Support Coordinator serves as a member of both the AJT and CPT’s Support Team that serves to coordinate addressing organization-wide concerns. 

Timing:  Full application materials are due 2 May 2013. Preferred starting date is 1 September 2013. Appointment will be for a period of three years, renewable upon mutual agreement.

Hours: At half-time the general expectation is 20 hours per week. The normal working hours of CPT are flexible but demanding. Weekend work and evening work will occur. It is understood that work hours will be expanded considerably during times of crisis or visits with partner communities. Compensatory time off should be negotiated after such intense events.

Compensation: Need-based stipend up to $1000/month, other benefits include significant health coverage, opportunities for ongoing learning/growth, and incredibly meaningful work within teams of kind, gutsy and committed peacemakers. More detail available upon request.

Preferred location: Turtle Island/North America. Must be able to spend time with the team in Toronto and in the context of partner communities, and to travel elsewhere occasionally for organizational gatherings.

Persons with the required experience and skills who have not yet been members of CPT are welcome to apply. Please see www.cpt.org for background about CPT. If chosen as the most promising applicant, an individual will be invited to participate in a CPT delegation (next AJT delegation is 3-13 of May; other CPT delegations are also available) and month-long training/discernment process (19 July-19 August) prior to finalizing appointment to this position.

CPT is engaged in an organization-wide process of transformation to undo racism and other oppressions and is working towards more truly reflecting the strong diversity of God’s creation. Persons of the global majority are encouraged to apply.

Contact hiring@cpt.org with nominations, questions and expressions of interest.



1. Participate in, coordinate and support CPT Aboriginal Justice Project work (16 hrs/wk)

  • Seek out AJT project opportunities, primarily in Canada.  Prepare proposals for new or for significant shifts in Aboriginal Justice work in collaboration with the rest of AJT.
  • Develop and facilitate processes for the AJT and their partners to develop and update project goals and objectives; e.g. Strategic Plans, and regular evaluation…
  • Check-in with AJT at least once per week regarding the team’s progress toward achieving its goals and objectives, logistics, and undoing oppressions/pastoral/self-care needs of the team.
  • Carry out regular visits to the team; participate in at least one extended time of team work as means of connecting both with that team and with a partner community (e.g. delegation).
  • Ensure that the team is maintaining good working relations with partners and is actively honouring AJT partners through both CPT communication vehicles and the wider media.
  • Participate in AJT advocacy work.
  • Coordinate between the field team and the CPT Delegations Coordinator on the annual schedule and leadership of Aboriginal Justice delegations. Ensure response and follow-up regarding feedback from delegations.
  • Recruit, schedule and arrange travel for qualified members of CPT AJT taking into account team objectives for balance in gender, age, and named proficiencies.
  • Facilitate the process for choosing project Team Coordinators.
  • Check in with all AJT members. Assure thorough orientation to team life, work and expectations. Coordinate reviews for team members.  Follow up regarding any issues identified related to team personnel including arranging for appropriate intervention if the team is unable to resolve an internal conflict or other problem, ensuring follow-up re pastoral and self-care needs of the team and its members…
  • Arrange logistical support for AJT (equipment, transfers of funds, etc.).
  • Monitor project expenses against budget and initiate action as required.
  • Report on AJT to the CPT Director, Support Team and the Steering Committee



2. Participate in Support Team and be a CPTer (4 hrs/wk) 

  • Full participation in CPT Support Team’s care for the whole “web” of CPT, the connections among all the projects and constituencies, through meetings (most via conference call, occasionally in person), and some participation in special projects, some Steering Committee meetings, etc
  • Participate in biannual Corps retreat
  • Raise funds for CPT’s budgeted work.
  • Carry out and present CPT’s work in keeping with CPT’s mission and values and policies.

Accountability:  Accountable to the Director through regular check ins, reports to Support Team, semi-annual (twice yearly) project reports (shared with Steering Committee), and midterm reviews.

Needed Qualities, Experience and Skills (as demonstrated either in CPT work and/or through other references):

(see membership policy http://www.cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/membership)


  • Commitment to spirituality and/or faith-based peacemaking, to seek God’s will in work, worship, and decision making
  • Deep grounding in spirituality/faith
  • Familiarity with CPT’s sponsoring bodies and clusters of support, or a willingness to grow in this area


  • firm commitment to the practice of active nonviolent peacemaking
  • experience and/or willingness to participate in CPT work and action in settings of violence and oppression
  • Experience in, and commitment to, dismantling racism, sexism, heterosexism and other oppressions, awareness of ways that oppressions intersect, sensitivity to ways oppressions function differently in different cultural settings

Team Member

  • demonstrated interpersonal and cross cultural skills; ability to listen and share with sensitivity, tact, humour and humility
  • demonstrated success in building and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships
  • ability to appropriately navigate needs for both openness and confidentiality
  • ability to take initiative and engage in good teamwork
  • communication skills including writing, public speaking, and maintaining relationships with people in many locations, using ever changing communication technology
  • awareness of self-care needs and ability to set limits in a demanding work environment

Position specific

  • written and verbal fluency in English
  • excellent working knowledge of the history and present situation of colonization of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and in particular in Canada, and of the ongoing political, legal, cultural and socio-economic conditions perpetuating colonization
  • ability to work in Canada and to enter the United States for work-related gatherings
  • ability to do advocacy work with governments at all levels
  • Personnel and project management skills and experience including strategic planning processes, organizing and prioritize competing demands, facilitating group processes, attending to the logistical arrangements…, while maintaining the larger picture of project development

Application Materials:

If you wish to apply please send the following to hiring@cpt.org by 2 May 2013.  Please feel free to raise any questions about the position or the process. 

1. A CPT Corps application (use the MS word fill-able form at http://cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/apply) via email to director@cpt.org.  Please answer the questions on the application as relevant to the position of Aboriginal Justice Project Support Coordinator.  Please insure that your references include at least 3 persons who have worked with you extensively including at least one reference from a person who has been in a leadership role in a team that you have been part of, and/or least one reference from a previous employer.

If you are already a CPTer or you already have an application on file, you can either provide any updates that are relevant to this position in a separate document, or update your application.

2. A current resume including a summary of your service / work (whether paid or not) highlighting how it relates to this position

3. Be sure to address in writing within the above or separately:

  • What is your vision for CPT Aboriginal Justice work?
  • What is your vision for the work of the Aboriginal Justice Project Support Coordinator?
  • What strengths would you bring to this position? 
  • Where would you need further development in this position?  (please include comment on any areas where your experience or skills do not match the “Needed Qualities, Experience and Skills” listed above)
  • Highlight areas of confluence as well as any incongruity(s) with the CPT’s Mission, Vision and Values http://cpt.org/about/mission, Statement on Identity and Membership Policy (http://cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/membership).
  • Comment on logistics and your availability to move into the position (e.g. time frame, other commitments, location, any known issues that you are likely to encounter working in Canada, and gaining entry to other countries…).