Archive - Nov 3, 2008

CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT recruiting Peacemaker Corps members in Colombia and Europe for trainings in 2009

Christian Peacemaker Teams is recruiting Peacemaker Corps applicants for trainings to take place in the United Kingdom and Colombia in 2009.¬† The UK training could include people from all over Europe.¬† The Colombia training could include Colombians who have participated in CPT delegations as well as other Colombian nationals who have spent time with the Barrancabermeja-based team on which both North American and Colombian CPTers have served since 2003.¬† For both trainings‚ÄĒthe first that CPT will conduct outside North America‚ÄĒCPT needs ten applicants by January 2009.

FORT FRANCES, ON: Beyond the election

The day after the election may be a downer for people like me who found the adrenalin of this election season seductive.  Mornings will continue to dawn and the progression of late fall to winter will continue.  Eventually I will remember that a few things may be different, but a lot stays the same.  A nation that controls half the world's military might, a global economic crisis, an impending world food crisis, and serious environmental challenge are looming in front of every one of us.  Unless I have a longer view, I may fall into a very long depression because so little has changed.