Archive - Jul 15, 2008

IRAQ UPDATE: 16-30 June 2008


Sunday, 22 June

The team, led by Gish, facilitated a daylong seminar on principles of nonviolence, conflict resolution and reconciliation for twenty-five participants from across the northern governorates of Iraq: Dahuk, Ninewa, Salahuddein, Diyala, Taamiim, Erbil, and Suleimany.


Monday, 23 June

The team sent a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting that WHO help test the soil, water, and people in the Qandil mountain region where Turkey is bombing. Because of symptoms such as watery eyes and breathing problems, as well as numerous dead livestock, villagers think that Turkey may have used chemical weapons against them. If done in a timely manner, WHO has the capabilities to test the soil and discern if the Turkish military used such weapons.


HEBRON: Israeli Soldiers terrorize seven families in nighttime home raid

At 1:30 a.m. on 10 July 2008, Israeli soldiers pulled up by a seven-apartment building in the Hawuz district of Hebron where members of the Amro, Abu Khalaf, Husseini and Butran families live. Through a loudspeaker, soldiers called out names of men inside and ordered them to come out. The building's owner, Samir Mohammad Amro, recognized the commander, who told him, "We need to look for weapons and we will turn this house upside down." Soldiers then threw five sound bombs into the building, causing general panic among the seven families-including twenty-six children-and ransacked the apartments. They flipped couches and chairs over and slashed the cushions with knives (but for the most part, not in such a way that the gashes would have revealed hidden weapons.) After pulling framed verses from the Quran off the walls in all of the apartments, soldiers stepped on them, smashing the glass. The soldiers also brought dogs and produced a machine that dug through the sewers.

Video footage showing the aftermath of the invasion and interviews with family members is available at .