Archive - May 18, 2009

CORRECTION:Christian Peacemaker Congress X dates

The tenth Christian Peacemaker Congress will take place in Denver, Colorado 17-20 September 2009, not 17-29 September as was erroneously reported in the 12 May 2009 CPTnet release about the event.  For more information, see

AT-TUWANI BLOG: Intimidation, humiliation, and M-16s

The imbalance of power, the nonexistence of self-determination, and the injustice of the occupation slapped me in the face today.  A car of young Palestinian men was passing through Tuwani, heading north to the city of Yatta, and were stopped by the Army.  When we arrived on the scene, we learned that the soldiers had taken of the men's IDs and then we saw the soldiers attempting to drive away from the scene with the IDs.  My teammate and I stepped in front on the vehicle to prevent the soldiers from leaving the scene with the IDs (Palestinians not carrying IDs are subject to arrest.)