Archive - May 2010

May 29th

COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: Pray for Magdalena Medio region social organizations targeted by paramilitary death threats on 27 May 2010

On 27 May 2010 a paramilitary group sent a threat via email to partner organizations in Barrancabermeja and the Middle Magdalena region.  Part of the threat states, ‚ÄúConsidering that the guerrilla groups are still in Barrancabermeja within all the organizations that call themselves displaced peoples and human rights defenders, unions and ngo‚Äôs‚Ķ‚ÄĚ It goes on to say that they will not tolerate any opposition to the development and security of the country. 

May 26th

Prayers for Peacemakers, May 26, 2010 / Oraciones por la paz, 26 de mayo 2010


Pray for Canadian visas for two new members of Christian Peacemaker Teams' Aboriginal Justice Team. CPT is seeking to re-build this team after a five-month hiatus.

Doug Pritchard
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Toronto, Canada

ORACIONES POR LA PAZ, 26 de Mayo, 2010

Favor de orar por visas canadienses para dos nuevos miembros del Equipo de Justicia Ind√≠gena en Canad√°, el cual forma parte de los Equipos Cristianos de Acci√≥n por la Paz.  ECAP busca  rehacer este equipo despu√©s de un descanso de cinco meses.  

Doug Pritchard
Equipos Cristianos de Acción por la Paz
Toronto, Canada

AT-TUWANI LETTER: ‚ÄúThose who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy.‚ÄĚ

This week, of course, has been full of good-byes.  On Wednesday my colleague, Laura and I made our good-bye visit to the village of Tuba.  We spent the morning with a family very dear to us, helping them harvest.  A couple weeks previously, we had also been harvesting with this family; I learned how to use a sickle that day‚ÄĒand discovered that harvesting grain by hand is back-wrenching work.  This time we were gathering the sheaves, stacking and tying them into enormous bundles for the donkey to carry home.  This, too, is hard work, hot and dusty, the stalks of grain scratchy and sharp as sticks.  Yet it was one of the most joyful experiences I‚Äôve had in the South Hebron hills.

THAILAND REFLECTION: A Thai prince from B612

The father said his boy was an alien.  A girl from a youth group said she did not like him before and never thought he was cute until today.  Many people gathered here today at a temple in Bangkok to say goodbye to this little prince from B612.

May 25th

IRAQ POEM: The Cemetery at Barzan


The Cemetery at Barzan 

The Barzani: a clan, a people from Barzan;
Barzani: their leader, inciting rebellion against Saddam;
Saddam: the intolerant, hatred untamed;

He storms in and transports 10,000 of the clan
to the south,
to Baghdad.
And killed,
mass graves.

May 24th


On Saturday 24 April, about fifty Palestinians, internationals, and Israeli activists took part in the first of a series of  'Open Shuhada Street' protests.  The protestors met in front of the Beit Romano settlement.  Part of their purpose was to frustrate, and if possible, prevent, the Israeli settler tour of the Old City, which happens every Saturday afternoon.

The protest was entirely peaceful, but after the protest, Israeli soldiers and police followed Palestinians and Israeli activists into the Old City, where they arrested one Israeli and the Palestinian leader of Youth Against Settlements.  Later, when a large crowd of protestors again gathered in front of the Beit Romano Settlement, the Israelis peace activists sat down, and one of their numbers was arrested.  The police released the Israelis a few hours later.  The Palestinian remained in the Ofer military prison near Ramallah until Tuesday 27 April.

May 21st


Saturday 24 April

Palestinians told CPTers that settlers damaged a well and water trough located in a cave near Avigail settlement outpost.  In addition to smashing the water trough, settlers threw rocks and dirt into the cave and the wellspring.  The owner of the well told CPTers he had informed the Israeli military; soldiers told him that they would not take any action and even accused him of destroying the well in order to blame settlers.

May 20th

PALESTINE URGENT ACTION: Demand that Israel revoke new military orders for deporting Palestinians from West Bank

Kairos Palestine (, a Palestinian Christian organization with whom CPT Hebron partners, is asking Christians around the world to contact their ambassadors to Israel and the Israeli Military and Foreign Affairs ministries regarding new military orders that could separate families.  CPT Hebron asks that its constituents respond to this call.

May 19th

Prayers for Peacemakers, May 19, 2010 / Oraciones por la paz, 19 de mayo 2010


Pray for the villagers in at-Tuwani, southern Palestine. The adjacent Israeli settlement of Ma'on continues to expand on stolen Palestinian land and a fence separating them from the village was destroyed last week.

Doug Pritchard
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Toronto, Canada

ORACIONES POR LA PAZ, 19 de Mayo, 2010

Ore por los aldeanos en at-Tuwani, al sur de palestina.  El asentamiento israeli adyacente de Ma'on continua a crecer en tierra palestina y una cerca separando los isrealis de la aldea palestina fue destruido la semana pasada.

Doug Pritchard
Equipos Cristianos de Acción por la Paz
Toronto, Canada

May 18th

IRAQ: The Red Security Prison


Walls of cracked plaster scrawled with pencil.  Names and dates.  Hometowns.  Prisoners trying to remind even themselves of who they were, that they themselves were still alive.  A drawing of a woman; someone‚Äôs wife, maybe.  A house on a hill, surrounded by tall trees.  Mountains.  Once-red handprints and smears now browned with age.  A drawing of a bird in a cage.