Archive - Jul 5, 2010

IRAQ: Border villagers determined to stay in spite of bombardment



Fourteen-year-old Basos from Rania in Iraqi Kurdistan had been visiting her grandparents in the mountain village of Weza, in the Choman district, close to the Iraq-Iran border.  About 5:00 p.m., 31 May 2010, she and other family members were planting tomatoes in the fields when Iranian shelling began.  One rocket exploded close by, killing her and traumatizing her twenty-five-year-old cousin.  

Three weeks later, two members of our CPT Iraq team and a member of Human Rights Watch sat outside the village of Basosā€™ uncle, looking downhill at the newly planted fields.  He said, ā€œWhen Basos' mother heard about her death, she had a partial stroke.  In her grief she told us, 'It's hard to send your daughter off, and her body is brought back to you.'ā€