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Prayers for Peacemakers, July 7, 2010 / Oraciones por la paz, 7 de julio 2010


Pray for the Palestinian families of the Beqa’a Valley, near Hebron. In recent days, Israel soldiers have destroyed and confiscated water pipes that irrigate the farmers’ vegetable crops. Pray for a just distribution of water resources in the West Bank. 

IRAQ: Effects of recent Iranian and Turkish bombardment on civilians


On 21-22 June 2010, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) visited several Kurdish Iraqi families affected by Iranian cross-border attacks, which have intensified in the past three months.  Along a hillside, villagers pointed out remnants of twelve rockets that exploded three weeks earlier near the tents of two semi-nomadic families, several kilometers from the village of Kani Spi in the Choman district of northern Iraqi Kurdistan.  At the families' new tent site, Khosha* recounted the attack.  Family members ran away when the shelling started, but realized to their horror that two of the younger children were missing.