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January 29th

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli settler shoots dog and beats sheep to death; escapes to nearby settlement

Maghayir Al-Abeed, South Hebron Hills, West Bank—In the early afternoon of 23 January 2011, an armed man killed two animals near the South Hebron Hills village of Maghayir Al-Abeed.  Two teenage shepherds reported that they were watering their family's flock at a well just above their village when a man carrying an M-16 fired four or five shots at the dog that accompanies their flock.  The shooter proceeded to chase the flock, kicking a ewe and throwing rocks at its head.  The dog died immediately from four gunshot wounds and the incapacitated sheep died approximately two hours after the beating.


The first time that I heard about Métis people, I thought, “Hey, wait a second, that’s me.”  Métis are a group of people in North America who recognize Indigenous and European origins, and I belong (like most Latin-Americans) to a group of people called Mestizos, which also recognizes Indigenous, European and African origins.  However, I admit sadly, we are not as proud of the African and Indigenous origins as we are of the European.

January 28th

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE URGENT ACTION: Prayers needed Sunday. Contact Canadian legislators by 31 January to help save sacred old-growth forest on Algonquin traditional lands

On Sunday, 30 January 2011, people from all faiths will join Algonquin First Nations and gather at Beaver Pond Forest, twenty minutes from downtown Ottawa, to pray for the land.  If you or your faith group plan to pray Sunday in solidarity with the Algonquins and others gathered, let us know and we will pass your messages on.  If you are able to attend the gathering at Beaver Pond Forest, please do so.  The details are available at this link:

HEBRON: Israeli military arrests two young Palestinians

A call came for the members of the Hebron team to come quickly to the street on Friday, 21 January 1:30 p.m. The military had stopped people going home after Friday prayers at the Mosque and CPT found the people bottled up in the narrow exit tunnel of the Old City.  Soldiers and the Palestinians were yelling at each other, and soldiers were pointing guns at the crowd.  CPTers encouraged the soldiers to calm down, stop yelling,  and let the people go home. Instead, the soldiers continued bellowing and tried to force the people to move back, by putting guns in their faces.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Algonquins of Barriere Lake demand their rights on Parliament Hill

On Monday 13 December 2010, several dozen people from the Algonquins of Barriere Lake (ABL) community travelled the three-and-a-half-hour journey to Canada’s federal Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  Allies from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa joined them to demand that the government reverse its use of the Indian Act to impose a council on Barriere Lake, and respect its existing obligations to ABL.

January 27th

LONDON,ON: CPTers join public witness for the silenced children of Gaza

 Over 150 individuals participated in a silent protest during the presentation of an Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) soldier at the University of Western Ontario campus in London, Ontario on 19 January 2011. Three CPTers were part of a nonviolent direct action, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people, silenced by the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and the assault on Gaza two years ago.

IRAQ UPDATE: 1-31 December 2010


Saturday, 25 December 22010

The New Year’s Party started at 10:00 a.m.  The guitar group from Rania, the Pana group of youth from Kirkuk, and the English class students in the Suleimaniyah youth center all joined the party.  The team led everyone in games, and the guests performed songs, poems, and music.

A partner from Kirkuk asked the other youth to write some words for the people in Kirkuk.  They wrote,

Kirkuk is a flower . 
flowers cannot live without water and Kurdish people cannot live without Kirkuk
Kirkuk is an injured bird, leaders don't want to treat it.
I love you Kirkuk.  Peace for Kirkuk.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Call for Expressions of Interest and Nominations for Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Full-Time Co-Director

CPT seeks applications for a co-director to work with Carol Rose, current co-director.  Position begins in July 2011.  Job description is flexible depending on the intersection of applicant’s skills with current co-director.  Applications from members of racially marginalized groups and from outside North America are warmly welcomed.  As with all Support Team members, compensation is a stipend based on need.  The initial appointment is for a period of three years.  

January 26th

Prayers for Peacemakers, Jan. 26, 2011



Pray for the Palestinian farmers of the south Hebron hills. Israeli settlers this week have attempted to disrupt their ploughing and drive them off their ancestral lands.


Doug Pritchard

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Chicago, USA

January 25th

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Christian Peacemaker Teams announces Aboriginal Justice Delegations to Treaty #3 (Northwestern Ontario) Territory March 31-April 11, August 12-22 and September 24-October 5, 2011.

Christian Peacemaker Teams announces Aboriginal Justice Delegations to Treaty #3 Territory (Northwestern Ontario) March 31-April 11, August 12-22 and September 24-October 5, 2011.

 Corporate clear-cut logging of Asubpeeschoseewagong traditional territory has destroyed hunting, trapping, and food and medicine gathering activities.  The legacy of  Indian Residential Schools have deeply impacted families and communities.  Mercury contamination discovered over forty years ago continues to poison residents.  Explore what it means to live in right relationship with the earth and each other.  Find out what it means to be an ally to indigenous communities engaged in healing, resisting colonialism, and struggling for sovereignty.