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COLOMBIA REFLECTION: Reflections on Advent - Witness to the Arriving Christ

Witness To The Arriving Christ
by Caldwell 'Carlos' Manners

Life stands as the central theme in John's gospel (John 20:31), and it is in and through the incarnate Christ that this life of abundance is manifest and brought  into reality (John10:10). It is in this overarching theme that the narrator compels us into a world of contesting powers --  transports us through time to the beginning, when all things came into being. The one journeying from heaven to earth is rejected by his own and is forced to embark on conferring childhood rights to all those who believe in him- -- stirring contrasting images: the violator and the violated, the powerful and the powerless, the colonizers and colonized. It is in these spaces and dimensions of travel, as it unfolds throughout the gospel that we like John are witnesses.