Archive - Apr 1, 2011

HEBRON: Settlers from Givat Ha Harsina attack Palestinian home in Beqa’a Valley.

 On Monday 14 March, fifteen settlers from Harsina Settlement attacked the Jaber home in the Beqa’a Valley, adjacent to Hebron.  At the initial attack during the day, the Israeli military stopped the settlers, but they returned at 6:30 p.m. and stoned the house for one hour with no interference by the military.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPTer Anne Montgomery and four other Plowshares activists sentenced for trying to enforce international laws against nuclear weapons

On 28 March 2011, five Disarm Now Plowshares activists who entered U.S. Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor (Washington, USA) in November 2009 to disarm symbolically the nuclear weapons stored there, received sentences ranging from to six to fifteen months confinement and one year supervised release.  Long-time CPTer Sr. Anne Montgomery, sentenced to two months in jail plus four months electronic home monitoring, said, “We join those…deprived by our wars and military budget of a human way of life.”