Archive - Apr 12, 2011

HEBRON: Fallout from the murders in Itamar settlement.

Last month, on 11 March 2011, murderers infiltrated the settlement of Itamar near Nablus in the Northern West Bank and stabbed Udi and Ruth Fogel, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and 3-month-old Hadas in their sleep.

The Israeli government was quick to try to win political points from the attack by transferring the funeral to Jerusalem for maximum attendance.

Settlers launched verbal and physical attacks on Palestinian communities all over the West Bank.  In the Al-Bweireh neighborhood of Hebron, about 140 km away from Itamar, settlers damaged cars and threw stones at houses.  On 13 March, members of the International Solidarity Movement stayed with a family in the neighborhood that was worried about further retaliation.  The next day, settlers threatened the school children with guns and in the evening, once again, settlers attacked the house.  In At-Tuwani, 160 km from Itamar settlers destroyed olive trees and attacked villagers—stabbing one man—who were trying to replant them.