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COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: Ask Colombian government to protect CĂłrdoba, Las Pavas and El Garzal communities

CPT Colombia partners with Justapaz, a ministry of the Mennonite Church Colombia, and asks that CPT constituents respond to the following Urgent Action on behalf of three displaced communities, two of which—Las Pavas and El Garzal—CPT Colombia accompanies.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

May the peace-giving gospel of Jesus Christ continue to guide your lives on the paths of justice and peace.  One of the primary factors contributing to the violent armed conflict in Colombia is the forced dispossession (despojo)[1] of land faced by peasants.  Representatives from Justapaz and the CEDECOL Peace Commission have been witness to three emblematic cases of dispossession that are at a critical juncture.  Illegal armed groups present in the areas of CĂłrdoba, Las Pavas, and El Garzal have put residents  at risk of losing their land, and even put their lives in danger; these armed groups oppose any efforts put forth by the communities to keep their land.  The level of risk in these communities is exacerbated by the ineffective response of government authorities to these threats.

We ask you to take urgent action on behalf of the following three cases:

Prayers for Peacemakers, Apr. 13, 2011



Pray for the university students from Suleimaniya, Iraq, who have been prevented from continuing their classes in the Kurdish capital, Erbil, due to the authorities’ fear that they will bring the pro-democracy movement with them.


Doug Pritchard

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Toronto, Canada