Archive - Apr 19, 2011

IRAQ: "You broke the square, but you can't break us." Day 61 of Demonstrations in Suleimaniya Iraq

A new song was playing on Iraqi Kurdistan radio yesterday, 18 April, 2011, which included the lines, "Don't kill this generation" and "don't kill the future."  While the song played, guns were blasting and tear gas filled the streets in both Suleimaniya and the KRG capital city, Hawler (Erbil).

Day 61 of Suleimaniya's daily demonstrations against corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan started early this morning.  The CPT team arrived at 11:00.  Music was playing from the stage and small groups of people were gathering.  Two CPTers decided to use the quiet time to grab a cup of coffee and juice in a cafe next to the square.  A few of the demonstration organizers were doing the same.

Meanwhile armed soldiers, the anti-terrorism unit, and police were positioning themselves around the square., with guns, tear gas, water cannons, and riot gear.

IRAQ: Seven thousand armed forces positioned throughout Suleimaniya City, Iraq; 1000 students detained by Asaish

Following sixty-two days of continuous protest in Suleimaniya Iraq against corruption within the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the government has revoked legal permission for the protest, and a source within the armed Peshmerga Forces told CPTers that  forces received orders to shoot to kill any demonstrators today.