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IRAQ LETTER: The situation in the capital city of the KRG remains tense


The demonstration that was scheduled today, April 7, in Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Regional Government, was postponed.  The organizers of the demonstration have applied many times for permission to demonstrate but they have been denied each time.  They have decided to follow through on the legal process, which is to appeal to the courts.


 An Announcement by the Organizers of the Demonstrations on Thursday Regarding the Response by the Governor of Erbil

    In multiple attempts, numerous requests [were] directed to the governorate of Erbil—by influential members of different sectors of the Kurdish society who respect the rule of law—[for] a civil gathering.  The main objective of the gathering would be attempting to solve the current [issues] plaguing the Kurdish society through peaceful and civil means.  It would also aim at loosening the uneasiness in Erbil and its residents and [opening] doors of dialogue between the government and the people, which is in our best national interest.  But unfortunately the [credibility] of the promises by the president of the region came under serious question when the authorities disenfranchised us from our rights to demonstrate and free speech.  Through that decision, not only were the rights and freedoms of people violated but also the promises of the president of the region were broken by his own party officials.  The refusal to allow us the right to practice our freedom of speech and demonstration by the authorities in Erbil has angered the vast majority of the people in the city.…

Prayers for Peacemakers, Apr. 06, 2011



Pray for honest truth, justice and reconciliation between settlers and indigenous peoples at Kanenhstaton (Caledonia, Ontario, Canada), and everywhere in the Americas.


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