Archive - Aug 16, 2011

KOREA: Update on Jeju Island situation, request for prayers by The Frontiers

14 August 2011
I just wanted to update you shortly on the situation here in Jeju.  We arrived two days ago and have met many amazing, brave, and vibrant people.  Gangjeong is also filled with posters, signs, paints, sculpture, and art protesting the naval base.  There is a true community of peace here in the midst of this terrible conflict.

However, things are about to get bad soon.  Six hundred to seven hundred new riot police officers have arrived from Seoul.  This puts the total at as many as 1,600 riot police.  Most of them are not here now, but they are a twenty-minute drive away, probably preparing for their action.  They have brought with them three water cannon vehicles and other riot dispersal equipment.