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Prayers for Peacemakers, Jan. 18, 2012


Pray with CPT for all living near an Israeli outpost settlement demolished Jan. 11 in the Al-Khalil (Hebron) area. The Israeli military has previously destroyed nearby Palestinian homes following outpost demolitions, while settlers have attacked Palestinian civilians and Israeli soldiers.

COLOMBIA ANALYSIS: Neo-colonization - Towards a better understanding of the conflict in "post-conflict" Colombia

By today's standards it is difficult to justify the morality of the conquest and subsequent colonization of Africa, much of Asia, and the Americas, by predominantly white, militarily-superior, European powers during the previous millennium. What was once assumed as evidently being God's will--"Manifest Destiny" as it was called at the time--is no longer a politically acceptable justification for the invasion, genocide, dispossession and colonialization of other peoples' countries and other peoples' lands. 

AL-KHALIL(HEBRON) ACTION ALERT: Pray that dismantling of the outpost in al-Bowereh will not result in ‚Äúprice-tag‚ÄĚ attacks or home demolitions.

On the night of 11 January 2012, the Israeli military demolished the outpost settlement that overlooks the neighborhood of al-Bowereh on the northeastern edge of al-Khalil/Hebron. Often in the past, when the Israeli military has demolished outposts (including this particular outpost), settlers have attacked Palestinian civilians, their homes, and animals in what Israelis refer to as ‚Äúprice tag‚ÄĚ attacks.  In recent months, settlers have also attacked Israeli soldiers tasked with carrying out the dismantling of outpost settlements, the building of which is illegal under both Israeli and international law.