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An Open Letter to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior

Still need to do some adapting on this for my February Mennonite Weekly Review column, but thought I'd post the longer version here.


To the Israeli Ministry of the Interior:  Things you may not know about internationals working in Palestine


Dear MOI Personnel,

Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne and emergent churchies at our apartment today

Fathiyeh and I lugged a propane canister down to our gas refill guy this morning, when we got a phone call from Paulette telling us that a delegation would shortly be at our apartment.  A weedy looking guy in the group looked very familiar, and then I realized it was Shane Claiborne, who had spoken at the Mennonite Convention in Columbus this summer.  Turned out that this group was largely composed of Christians from the Emergent Church movement.  We talked about the work in Hebron and I forget now the question that started me crying, but I essentially said that the happiest

And yet they stay

I am continually inspired by the grim determination of the At-Tuwani villagers to nonviolently resist expulsion from their lands.  I found the pictures the link leads to very moving.  Always think about stuff like this when propagandists talk about Israel "making the desert bloom."  I am 100% certain that no one will ever be held accountable for this.

A day at church and the Great Flood

On Sunday, since school is out until February 1, everyone on the team was able to get to church--something I really needed a lot.  As usual, there's something spiritually powerful about worshipping and sharing communion with people from all over the world, and getting connected as well with the small, stalwart core congregation--mostly composed of relief and development workers.  The church offers the wine in two ways, via a common cup and via little cups like the ones we used at the College First Church of God in Findlay when I was growing up.  It's interesting that the disi

So much has been destroyed

I'm just feeling kind of sad.  Drew Herbert has left the team; the agents who wanted to see my novel manuscript before I left the country have politely declined to represent it; I was out visiting friends in the Beqa'a yesterday who are barely making it financially; young kids in our neighborhood keep getting detained and blindfolded as "practice" for the soldiers;  and I can't see the situation here ending other any other way than sadly. 

Markie Re'em Christmas 2009

Hi Kids!

Markie Re'em: Christmas Eve 2009 in At-Tuwani

Hi kids!
Kathy and I had such a good Christmas Eve! The Hebron team decided to have a feast with the At-Tuwani team. Kathy cooked turkey legs (The butcher cut the legs into circles) in garlic, sheep butter, onions and garlic. Ryan made glazed carrots, Drew made a salad, and we bought bread and drinks, so our taxi to At-Tuwani was really full. (We gave the taxi driver a little extra because it was Christmas. Johann brought special homemade fruitcake from Canada.

Markie Re'em, the days before Christmas

Hi kids!
Kathy and I have been super busy! You can read about what she thinks is interesting at http://www.cpt.org/blogs/kathykern.

An Awwww Moment

Yesterday, Paulette, Hani and I were doing follow-up interviews in Al-Bweireh regarding the demolitions on Thursday.  The patriarch of the family who had his stable, goat pen and dovecote destroyed had said something about "my husband in America" in what I interpreted as a joking manner on Thursday and I wanted Hani to ask him what he had been trying to say.  What he had said, the jist of it anyway, was, "When she came I saw that her heart was so tired like mine, but even with a tired heart, she left her husband in America to be with us."  (Michael has often called when I've

Demolitions in Al-Bweireh on New Year's Eve

Before I forget,  my younger colleagues working in Hebron and At-Tuwani want to start a movement that will call the last decade, "The Singles."