Upcoming Training: July/August 2018; exact location and dates to be determined

Applicants for CPT’s Stipended Corps (at least half time) and Reserve Corps participate in an intensive, integrated, month-long training involving action, reflection, and practice of a variety of peacemaking skills.

CPT conducts Peacemaker Corps trainings, usually in January/February and July/August, for groups of 10-15 applicants. Typically the July/August training is held in Chicago, Illinois while the January/February training is held at a location outside of the USA.

CPT's nonviolence training is reserved for individuals intending to join CPT. We get lots of requests: "Can I just take the training?" Unfortunately, no. But we do provide below a number of the resources used in our training.

CPT’s training manual is a compilation of handouts brought by various trainers who facilitate different modules within our month-long training program. Not all handouts are available electronically.

This collection of handouts does not include certain documents that CPTers receive which are internal to CPT as an organization (i.e. CPT’s policy manual, organizational chart, certain Chicago-specific orientation pieces, etc.) Each trainer develops their own module/session outlines which are also not included in this manual.

Please feel free to adapt and use any of these materials in your work to further the cause of nonviolent peace and justice-making.

General Orientation

Contact the CPT Chicago office if you have more questions about additional General Orientation materials.


GO - Training Objectives.pdf18.09 KB
GO - Bibliography.pdf48.07 KB
GO - Comfort Zones.PDF668.95 KB
GO - Comfort Zones - color.pdf84.34 KB

Biblical Nonviolence

CPT's work is grounded in Biblical tradition and Christian faith.


BN - Bible Memory Assignment.pdf44.93 KB
BN - Jesus' Third Way.pdf80.32 KB
BN - The Bible and Jesus.pdf35.84 KB
BN - The Bible and Paul.pdf34.65 KB
BN - The Hebrew Scriptures.pdf35.83 KB

Conflict Transformation

Most of the materials used in CPT’s Conflict Transformation Module are drawn from “Mediation and Facilitation Training Manual: Foundations and Skills for Constructive Conflict Transformation,” published by:

Mennonite Conciliation Service
21 S. 12th St., P.O. Box 500
Akron, PA 17501

CT - How to Confront.pdf40.43 KB

Organizing Skills

"Organizing Skills" covers a range of topics including:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Fundraising
  • Media work
  • Effective Writing
OS - Light & Livelies.pdf48.29 KB
OS - Lit Table Tips.pdf26.13 KB
OS - Photo Gallery.pdf35 KB
OS - Photography.pdf43.16 KB
OS - Speaking.pdf42.39 KB
OS - Training Tools.pdf52.65 KB
OS - Facilitation Skills Packet.pdf77.97 KB
OS - FundLetter.pdf48.71 KB
OS - ShareCost.pdf42.4 KB
OS - Media Work.pdf54.28 KB
OS - Press Release.pdf48.41 KB
OS - ActionAlert.pdf30.94 KB
OS - Guidelines for Writing.pdf50.82 KB
OS - Information Services.pdf33.86 KB
OS - Sample CPTNet.pdf35.06 KB
OS - Urgent Action CSD.pdf37.69 KB
OS - Write Stuff.PDF1.14 MB

Public Witness

CPT training includes two public witness actions planned by the training group. Often, these actions include civil disobedience. See our Public Witness Resources for more information about CPT and public witness.


PW - 198 Methods.pdf47.22 KB
PW - AffinityGroups.pdf29.22 KB
PW - Arrest-Court.pdf55.71 KB
PW - Bad Leaflet.PDF238.23 KB
PW - Bail Money.pdf28.88 KB
PW - Campaign Elements.pdf30.84 KB
PW - Campaigns.pdf30.84 KB
PW - Check List.pdf51 KB
PW - Don't Give Up.pdf51.39 KB
PW - Kindy In Prison.pdf28.03 KB
PW - Legal System.pdf52.83 KB
PW - MusicTool.pdf41.67 KB
PW - Nonviolence Quotes.pdf55.45 KB
PW - Principles - Gandhi.pdf52.46 KB
PW - Principles - King.pdf64.7 KB
PW - Visuals.pdf36.12 KB

Team Building

"Teams" is our last name.  CPT training covers skills and practices needed to fuction as healthy teams in conflict situations.  Topics include:
  • Consensus decision-making
  • Leadership skills
  • Work styles
  • Team roles
  • Communication skills
TB - Consensus Decisionmaking.pdf28.79 KB
TB - Formal Consensus.pdf114.38 KB
TB - GroupDynamics.pdf44.62 KB
TB - Taking & Supporting Leadership.pdf38.56 KB
TB - Team Coordination.pdf51.78 KB
TB - Dimensions.PDF191.34 KB
TB - Hot tips.pdf38.62 KB
TB - Managing Excess.pdf48 KB
TB - Role Clarification Process.pdf32.22 KB
TB - Role Clarification Worksheet.pdf37.04 KB
TB - Speaking-listening skills.pdf28.66 KB

Undoing Oppression

CPT understands violence to be rooted in systemic structures of oppression. CPT is committed to undoing oppressions as part of our violence reduction work, starting within our own organization. CPT training includes modules on:

  • Undoing Racism
  • Undoing Sexism
  • Undoing Heterosexism
  • Sexual Harassment


A list of some of the book resources used:

  • Becoming an Ally – Anne Bishop
  • The Great White Elephant: A Workbook on Racial Privilege for White Anti-Racists - Robin Parker and Pamela Smith Chambers
  • Silent Racism: How Well-Meaning White People Perpetuate the Racial Divide –  Barbara Trepagnier
  • White Privilege – Paula Rothenberg
Undoing Racism - Authentic Relationships.pdf162.78 KB
Undoing Racism - Becoming an Ally.pdf70.7 KB
Undoing Racism - Distancing Behaviors.pdf165.32 KB
Undoing Racism - Equalizing Power.pdf161.05 KB
Undoing Racism - Long History - Adelman.pdf105.43 KB
Undoing Racism - I Can Fix It.pdf322.85 KB
Undoing Racism - Legacy of Racism.PDF751.95 KB
Undoing Racism - Perfect Ally.pdf173.75 KB
Undoing Racism - Power Circle.pdf24.12 KB
Undoing Racism - Stem Statements.pdf81.61 KB
Undoing Racism - Three Pillars - Smith.pdf197.31 KB
Undoing Racism - White Privilege - McIntosh.pdf146.88 KB
Undoing Racism - Understanding White Privilege - Kendall.pdf268.02 KB
Sexual Harassment - CPT Policy - Booklet.pdf84.49 KB
Sexual Harassment - CPT Policy - Letter.pdf86.38 KB
Sexual Harassment - Defining Touch.pdf75.39 KB
Sexual Harassment - Flow Chart.PDF369.56 KB
Sexual Harassment - Flowchart.PDF394.55 KB
Sexual Harassment - Men as Allies.pdf25.87 KB
Sexual Harassment - Possible Responses.pdf34.55 KB
Undoing Sexism - Bird Cage of Sexism.pdf35.78 KB
Undoing Sexism - Gender Roles on Team.pdf31.23 KB
Undoing Sexism - Male Privilege & Violence.pdf61.4 KB
Undoing Sexism - Male Privilege Checklist.pdf45.06 KB
Undoing Sexism - Safety for Women.pdf40.96 KB
Undoing Sexism - What Women Want.pdf20.93 KB
Undoing Sexism - White Male System.pdf37.12 KB
Undoing Heterosexism - Definitions.pdf31.62 KB
Undoing Heterosexism - Denial to Denigration.pdf37.43 KB
Undoing Heterosexism - The Bible and Queerness.pdf31.33 KB
Undoing Heterosexism - The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist.pdf17.5 KB
Undoing Heterosexism - Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack II.pdf32.06 KB

Worship & Spirituality

CPT is grounded in Christian faith, and our teams regularly worship and pray togther.  CPT training introduces various spiritual disciplines and worship practices.  For a selection of worship services used during training, click here.

WS - By What Authority.pdf143.34 KB
WS - Centering Prayer.pdf57.28 KB
WS - Faith, Education, Action.pdf134.17 KB
WS - Fasting.pdf54.82 KB
WS - Inclusive Language.pdf33.98 KB
WS - Leading Worship.pdf33.16 KB
WS - Lord's Prayer - Aramaic.pdf16.64 KB
WS - One Day.pdf63.21 KB
WS - Prayer & Temperament.pdf48.24 KB
WS - Privilege and Resistance.pdf61.09 KB
WS - Silence.pdf32.87 KB
WS - Spirituality Arcs.PDF790.57 KB