Signs of the Times is produced four times a year. Batches of 10 or more are available to institutions, congregations, and local groups for distribution. Any part of Signs of the Times may be used without permission. Please send CPT a copy of the reprint. Your contributions finance CPT ministries including the distribution of 21,000 copies of Signs of the Times. The work of CPT is guided by a 17-member STEERING COMMITTEE: Lois Baker, Michele Braley, Tony Brown, Nora Carmi, Anton Flores, Ben Fong, Joan Hann, Wendy Lehman, Rachel Long, Rafael Lopera, Susan Mark Landis, Lee McKenna, Phil Miller, Eric Olfert, Hedy Sawadsky, Michael Snarr, and Brian Young. CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER CORPS: Tarek Abuata, Jan Benvie, Kryss Chupp, Laura Ciaghi, Christine Downing, Joy Ellison, Claire Evans, Jessica Frederick, Mark Frey, Peggy Gish, Gladys Gómez, Julián Gutiérrez, Sophia Hochstedler, Bob Holmes, Rebecca Johnson, Kathleen Kern, Craig Kite, Joel Klassen, Chris Knestrick, John Lynes, Sarah MacDonald, Sylvia Morrison, Tim Nafziger, Sam Nichols, Sean O'Neill, Jessica Phillips, Doug Pritchard, Sandra Rincón, Dianne Roe, Carol Rose, Paulette Schroeder, Pierre Shantz, Sarah Shirk, Stewart Vriesinga, Chihchun Yuan. RESERVE CORPS: 175 women and men from Canada, Colombia, England, Egypt, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the Philippines, Scotland, Sweden and the USA.