Delegations: Making Peace, Testing a Call


CPT sends short-term (7-14 day) delegations into crisis settings around the world. CPT delegations link communities that are struggling for peace amid violence with concerned persons, groups and churches. Participants gain a first-hand experience of CPT's on-the-ground, team-based experiment in faith-motivated, active peacemaking grounded in the transforming power of Gospel nonviolence.

Delegations are open to all interested and do not require specific nonviolence training. See or call 773-277-0253 for details and an application. Delegations are also the first step for those considering joining CPT's Corps and Reserves of full- and part-time peacemakers reducing violence and supporting partners in the field.

CPT has limited funds available to assist applicants who otherwise could not participate. CPT is committed to undoing racism and will give preference in funding assistance to applicants from communities that have been disadvantaged by racism.