HEBRON: Update from the team

October 13, 2000
HEBRON: Update from the team

It is early evening here in Hebron. Andrew Getman is cooking dinner
and the rest of the team is reading, cleaning, talking and praying.
Periodically, we hear bursts of automatic weapons fire and see the
bright red flashes of tracer bullets shooting from soldiers' outposts
into the Abu Sneineh hills.

Like our neighbors, we feel relatively safe from gunfire behind the
thick walls and heavy iron doors of our apartment building. Because
there are three Hebron settlements within two blocks of our apartment,
we know that we will not be bombed, like the people in Ramallah and
Gaza. Friends call us periodically with updates they have heard on
Arabic radio stations and we have made plans to suit changing
circumstances in the near future.

Israel and Palestine are at war with each other. We are at peace with
our intention to remain in Hebron for the present. We ask that our
supporters pray for us to make wise and courageous decisions, and
that God will use us in ways that challenge the endless cycle of
revenge spiralling around us.