February 19, 2002

  On Sunday afternoon, January 20, seventeen CPTers in training joined
twenty local peacemakers in northern Wisconsin to honor the legacy of Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr. by calling for the closure of Project ELF -- the
U.S. Navy's Extremely Low Frequency communications transmitter for
nuclear-armed Trident submarines. Six CPTers crossed over onto the grounds
of the facility and were arrested for criminal trespass to federal property.

The message "Choose Life" penetrated the cold Wisconsin air as participants
conducted a iturgy around the entrance to the ELF compound based on
Deuteronomy 3:11. Remembering one of King's quotes, "Darkness cannot drive
out darkness, only light can do that; Hate cannot drive out hate, only love
can do that," six members of CPT crossed the line one by one, each lifting
a candle and a small wooden cross bearing the names of victims of warfare
and violence.

"In the name of the innocent victims of [Afghanistan, World Trade Center,
Hiroshima, Palestine, etc.], I carry my light into this place of darkness,"
said each peacemaker in turn as they were met by federal agents who placed
them under arrest. Supporters sang and prayed as the six were given
citations ordering them to appear in federal court in Madison, WI.

Previous civil resisters at ELF were arrested by county sheriffs for
violating a local ordinance which usually resulted in a fine (or 5-year
suspension of driving privileges in the state of Wisconsin for those who
refused to pay the fine). Recently, federal authorities have taken over
the job of protecting ELF from protesters. This was the first group of
CPTers arrested on federal charges carrying a maximum penalty of six months
in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. Those cited still await notification of
the court date for their arraignment.

Project ELF, which sends one-way signals to submerged nuclear-armed and
Fast Attack submarines around the world, has been the object of dozens of
protests and more than 575 arrests since the end of the Cold War. Critics
describe it's first strike function as illegal and immoral. An October 4,
2001 article in the Duluth News Tribune stated, "If American submarines
patrolling the waters of the Middle East get ordered to action, it's likely
that message, or at least part of it, will come by way of Clam Lake."

CPTers arrested at ELF were: Bill and Genie Durland (Cokedale, CO), Jerry
and Sis Levin (Birmingham, AL), and Charles and Carol Spring (Palo Alto,
CA). Other CPTers participating in the witness were: LeAnne Clausen (Mason
City, IA), Kryss and Kori (11) Chupp (Chicago, IL) Art and Peggy Gish
(Athens, OH), Donna Hicks (Durham, NC), Ben Horst (Evanston, IL), Jan Long
(Norht Liberty, IN), Reuben Penner (Kola, MB), Jim Roynon (Archbold, OH),
and Jacobus Vroon (Vancouver, BC).