HEBRON: Israeli army holds families outside overnight

July 24, 2002
HEBRON: Israeli army holds families outside overnight

On Monday, July 16, a local journalist told Hebron team members that the
Israeli army had demanded all residents on a hilltop neighborhood of
an-Nimra come out of their houses at 2:30 the previous afternoon. The army
went from house to house, entering each and rounding up people. When they
went to a stonecutter's shop and a key was not readily available, soldiers
blew the door open with explosives. They also made a hole in a side wall of
the workshop to pass from one room to another.

About four women and twenty children were held alongside one building, while
about ten men were detained on the street overnight. Those held included
members of the Abu Haraf, Abu Masher, Al-Ja'abari, Hamdan, and Zaloum
families. The army repeatedly fired percussion grenades next to them
throughout the night. The family members said the soldiers gave them
water, but no food during the detention.

When the soldiers entered each house, they made a Palestinian walk in front
of them as they searched it, neighbors reported. Witnesses said the
soldiers also shot up rooftop water tanks. Because the water supply for
Hebron is currently quite low, the area families said they have not received
water through their pipes for two months, so they had jointly purchased a
tank of water to meet their needs.

The soldiers released the women and children at 10:00 am July 16. At about
1:00 pm, as CPTer Kathy Kamphoefner went to ask the army why they were
holding the men so long, the army released them.