CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT announces 2003 delegations to Colombia and Middle East

September 2, 2002
CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT announces 2003 delegations to Colombia and Middle East

  COLOMBIA: Oct. 4-16, 2002; Feb. 15-27, May 17-29, July 19-31, Sept. 27-
  Oct. 9, 2003.
  Participants will meet with human rights workers and church leaders in
  Bogota, travel to the industrial city of Barrancabermeja where CPT's
  long-term team is based, and spend time
  in the countryside where the lives of displaced people are threatened by
  paramilitaries and other armed groups. Cost is $1800 US.

  MIDDLE EAST: Nov.19-Dec. 1, 2002; Feb. 24-Mar. 8, Apr. 1-13, May 27-June
  July 29-Aug. 10, Sept. 16-28, Nov. 20-Dec. 2, 2003. Palestinian and
  Israeli human rights workers continue to call for international observers
  in the region. Teams will meet with representatives of Israeli and
  Palestinian peace and justice groups, then join CPT Hebron in their work
  violence deterrence, documentation,
  and challenging the structural violence of the Occupation through
  nonviolent public witness. Cost is $1800 US.

  CPT is a faith-based group that seeks participants for all delegations who
  are interested in human rights work, committed to nonviolence, and willing
  to participate in team worship and reflection. The delegation experience
  culminates in a nonviolent public witness that challenges structural
  violence. Delegates should have plans to share about the trip upon return
  to their home communities and congregations.

  Cost covers round-trip airfare from a designated U.S. or Canadian city,
  on-ground travel, two meals a day, simple accommodations, and all
  honorariums and delegation fees. For more information or to apply, contact
  CPT at the address below, or see CPT's website at:

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