CHICAGO: City of Chicago sues CPT

September 5, 2002
CHICAGO: City of Chicago sues CPT

The city of Chicago is suing CPT for $8,000 because of a public witness
conducted by CPT's summer training group.
On August 13, CPT received a summons naming the organization, along with
three CPT training participants, in the $8,000 lawsuit brought by the City
of Chicago. The summons stated, "In this lawsuit, the City seeks fines
and damages, including cost recovery, for the defendants' illegal dumping
of a substance of unknown origin and composition into the Chicago River."

The charge refers to the July 22 training group action in which police
arrested three people for dumping red food-coloring dye in the Chicago
river. The river, which flows in front of Boeing's world headquarters,
turned red to symbolize the bloodshed caused by Boeing's weapons sold
around the world.

The City of Chicago provided Boeing with tens of millions of dollars in tax
breaks and other economic incentives to locate it's world headquarters in
downtown Chicago. CPT has contacted a lawyer to contest this criminal civil
[Pictures of the training group's public witness are available at Enter for ID.]