AMMAN, JORDAN: Peacemakers Defer Plans for Vigil


November 2, 2002
AMMAN, JORDAN: Peacemakers Defer Plans for Vigil

by Barbara Johns

On October 26, after the Jordanian government denied the CPT Iraq delegation
permission to
hold a candlelight vigil protesting the upcoming war with Iraq at the U.N.,
the group sent three delegates to address any members of the press who might
show up to do a story.

The three spokespeople discovered six to eight Jordanian human-rights
activists who had come to join the vigil across the street from the U.N.
They said that dissent in Jordan is non-existent, and that they long for
the few opportunities they have to speak out. They encouraged CPT to
continue with with vigil even though it didn't have permission.

The delegates explained to them that doing so would endanger not only the
current delegation into Iraq, but also future delegations.

When asked what he thought of Americans who are against the war but who do
not speak out to prevent it from happening, one young Jordanian man said,
"If you have a foreign force trying
to occupy a country than you're going to have resistance. This is going to
be a second Vietnam for America."

Members of CPT's October 23-November 5 delegation to Iraq are: Quinn Brisben
(Chicago, IL), Le Anne Clausen (Mason City, IA ), Peggy Gish
(Athens, OH), Anne Herman (Binghamton, NY), Joseph Heckel (Pittsburgh, PA),
Barbara Johns (Glendale, CA), Kathleen Kampmann (Palo Alto, CA), Cliff Kindy
(North Manchester, IN), David Milne, (Belleville, Ontario), Anne Montgomery
(New York, NY), Bill Rose (Tampa, FL), Marian Solomon (Ames, IA), Craig
Spaulding (Harrisonburg, VA), John Worrell (Brimfield, MA ), and Jane MacKay
Wright (Providence Bay, Ontario).