IRAQ: Another day in Baghdad


February 28, 2003
IRAQ: Another day in Baghdad

by Betty Scholten

[Note: This piece was posted February 21 on CPT's GITWIraq list]

Another beautiful day has dawned in Baghdad. It is difficult to imagine
and very sad to think that this beautiful city and these welcoming people
might some day soon experience bombs falling from that clear blue sky.

Our life here has changed rather dramatically since the last delegation left
on February 14. Every day they were here was filled with a flurry of
activities. Now there is time for reading and reflection. We have done
some home visits and had time to shop. And in our explorations, we've found
a great falafel fast food restaurant.

On Saturday, February 16, we joined with people around the world to walk
for peace through the streets of Baghdad. We had large banners and signs.
The Iraq Peace Team, of which CPT is a part, was joined by people from the
Human Shields, Bridges to Baghdad and a group of musicians from Okinawa. It
was a hopeful time as we thought about the millions of people around the
world who had already awakened to walk for peace and those who would soon be
awakening and joining us. We were encouraged by the positive response of the
Iraqi people who lined the streets.

On Sunday we joined other peacemakers and Iraqis to "plant" a peace pole in
the courtyard of the United Nations Development Program courtyard. The pole
was brought here by the Mid Hudson Peace Brigade as an offering to the Iraqi
people, expressing their desire for peace here and throughout the world.

Now life is quiet and we wait with the Iraqi people for another day to dawn
in Baghdad.

Christian Peacemaker Team members currently in Baghdad are Peggy Gish, Scott
Kerr, Cliff Kindy, Lisa Martens and Betty Scholten. Iraq Peace Team members
range in age from 25 to 76, and come from all walks of life including
parents, ex-politicians, farmers, nurses, nuns, priests, professors and