HEBRON: Update on Greg Rollins??? incarceration. Faxes, e-mails, still needed

May 26, 2003
HEBRON: Update on Greg Rollins' incarceration. Faxes, e-mails, still needed

As of 8 pm (12:00 noon Chicago time) Greg Rollins is still in Ramle Prison.
On Tuesday, he will appear at the Ramle Magistrate's court. The government
may discuss terms for his release, because the Israeli government has still
pressed no charges after holding him for eight. Alternatively, the military
may decide to press charges, and might even ask the judge to deport Rollins

CPT appreciates the faxes and e-mails that you have sent in response to
Rollins' arrest. We are asking for still more messages to Interior Minister
Avraham Poraz, because Rollins' arrest ties into larger issues of the
Israeli government's harassment, deportation and murders of international
human rights monitors.

Note in your messages that nonviolent international human rights-monitoring
presence in the Occupied Territories is something that any democratic
government should welcome as part of a structure that protects civil rights.
Tell Poraz that you and the rest of the world will respect Israel more if it
affirms the right of nonviolent observers to report what they see happening
in the West Bank and Gaza.

Faxes are the most effective means of communication. Poraz's fax number is
011-972-2-566-6376. E-mail for the Ministry of the Interior is SAR (at) moin
(dot)gov (dot) il. His parliamentary address is Aporaz (at) knesset (dot)
gov (dot) il. (Please substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot). Some e-mail
servers will not print entire e-mail addresses to prevent spamming.)