HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Israeli Ministry of Interior still considering Greg Rollins' case; faxes from churches, Israelis important

March 15, 2004

HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Israeli Ministry of Interior still considering Greg
Rollins' case; Faxes from churches, Israelis welcome

An apparently undecided Israeli Ministry of Interior is still in
negotiations with lawyers for Christian Peacemaker Teams member Greg Rollins
(Surrey, BC) about his return to Israel (See previous Urgent Actions from
March 11 and March 12, 1004.) We urgently need your messages to the
Minister of the Interior questioning the denial of entry March 11 --the
decision is still up in the air.

Faxes can be sent to Mr. Avraham Poraz either at his Interior Ministry
office (dialing from North America) 011-972-2-670-1628

or at his Knesset office

Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group, has suggested email to the following
addresses: Minister Mr. Avraham Poraz <sar@moin.gov.il> Director Mr.
Mordechay Mordechay <mankal@moin.gov.il> Spokesperson Ms. Tova Ellinson
<dover@moin.gov.il> Public Relations Ms. Nechama Pluga-Zecharia

In a fax or email, you may draw from the points in the sample fax below.
Though this sample fax was drafted to guide people writing from North
America, we VERY much appreciate the advocacy of Israeli supporters in this!
Churches can question whether members of their congregations would be
welcome to come to Israel, if a Christian advocate of nonviolence like
Rollins is not welcome. Tourism from Christian pilgrims is a big part of
Israel's economy.

Thanks for your support,

Rich Meyer
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Hebron Team Support


Dear Minister Poraz;

We urge you to immediately admit Greg Rollins who was stopped at Ben Gurion
Airport March 11. Rollins is fully committed to nonviolence.
When your government blocks a person like Greg Rollins, it raises questions
for people in our churches: Why does Israel block someone who
is committed to nonviolence? Would we be welcome?

We will be following this case, and we hope to hear of your positive
decision soon.