TORONTO: Christian Peacemaker Teams Canada seeking new Canada Coordinator

April 28, 2004

TORONTO: Christian Peacemaker Teams Canada seeking new Canada Coordinator

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Canada is seeking someone to fill the
position of Canada Coordinator. This is a full-time position for an initial
three-year term, beginning as soon as possible. Location is negotiable.

The Canada Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all aspects of CPT's
work and development in Canada. The work includes recruiting, training,
local project development and support, funding-raising, care for Canadians
working elsewhere in CPT, and relations with churches, media and government.

Candidates should have a strong Christian faith rooted in a worshipping
community, and be committed to the Biblical and historic Christian
understanding of peacemaking, direct action, and social change. CPT Canada
has experienced rapid growth in the past several years, and applicants need
the leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills required to
facilitate the continuing growth of the organization. They also need to be
able to work independently. Previous experience with CPT is preferred.

Working on teams is an important part of CPT's identity and practice.
Collaboration and consensus characterize CPT operations and applicants
should expect to adapt their leadership styles accordingly.

The Canada Coordinator will initially be accountable to the CPT Co-Director
(Program). This may change when a separate CPT Canada board is established.
Compensation will be according to need and in keeping with CPT's commitment
to simple living.

Deadline for applications is May 25, 2004.

A full position description and application form are available from Doug
Pritchard, CPT Canada Coordinator, phone 416-423-5525, fax 416-423-9213,