HEBRON: Update on Greg Rollins' hearing in Israeli High Court

May 24, 2004

HEBRON: Update on Greg Rollins' hearing in Israeli High Court

On May 20, the state's attorney requested and was granted a delay until May
3, 2004 by the Israeli High Court in the case of CPTer Greg Rollins' denial
of entry into Israel. One possible explanation for the request might be
that the government is considering reversing the denial, which would remove
their obligation to explain to the court why they denied Rollins entry on
March 11, 2004.

We believe that faxes from our supporters have been and continue to be
effective in influencing this decision. Our thanks to all of you who sent
faxes, and we renew our request as sent last week (change only the date of
the hearing):

Rich H. Meyer
Hebron Team Support
Christian Peacemaker Teams

Please help convince Israeli decision-makers to allow Christian Peacemaker
Teams member Greg Rollins (Surrey, BC) to re-enter Israel. Keeping the
Hebron team present and modeling nonviolence depends on access. Currently
CPTer Rollins is awaiting a hearing on his petition to the Israeli High
Court charging the Israeli Interior Ministry with "violation of a court

Rollins was the center of a case before the Israeli High Court last year
challenging an Israel military order barring all Israelis and internationals
from Palestinian-controlled areas. The order was rarely enforced but had a
chilling effect on the work of Israeli and international peace groups.
Rollins was arrested under the terms of this order while observing the
detention of a large number of Palestinian men in Hebron. The ruling on his
case stated that the military order was too broad and should not be enforced
in the absence of any specific illegal activity.

Sani Khoury, with the law firm of Kuttab and Khoury said, "Our settlement
[regarding last year's case] is in writing and has the force of a court
order. It says that there are no restrictions on Greg's entering Israel,
any past restrictions in Interior Ministry computers must be removed,
previous [attempted deportation] proceedings will not be held against him -
no restrictions."

However, Rollins was denied entry to Israel at the Ben Gurion airport on
March 11, 2004. The Interior Ministry admitted that they had no reason to
deny Rollins entry into Israel, but the Israeli security services labeled
him a security threat and claimed they had new reasons for denying him

On May 31, 2004 the High Court petition will be heard and the Israeli
security services must explain to the judge their reasons for denying
Rollins entry into Israel.

Jonathon Kuttab, with the law firm of Kuttab and Khoury, said, "The Israeli
government needs to keep the promise that they made - they need to be a
friend of people who want peace. Preventing non-violent peace advocates
from entering only allows extremists on both sides to

Please fax the Israeli Justice Ministry's State Attorney's Office as well as
the Israeli Foreign Minister and Interior Minister to request that they
allow Rollins to re-enter the country. A sample fax is provided below.


Inav Golomb
Justice Ministry
State Attorney's Office
Fax: 011-972-2-646-6655


Silvan Shalom
Foreign Minister
Fax: 011-972-2-530-3367
Email: sar@mfa.gov.il


Avraham Poraz
Interior Minister
Fax: 011-972-2-670-1628
Email: sar@moin.gov.il



Dear (add the name from above):

On May 31st the Israeli High Court will hear a petition pertaining to why
the Israeli government is not upholding a court order. As you know, Mr.
Rollins was the subject of a High Court case last year, where the final
court order determined that he presented no security risk to Israel and
should be free to come and go without restriction.

Mr. Rollins has been a strong advocate of nonviolence in Hebron, and by
his example and influence must be seen as a constructive presence in the
West Bank.

Blocking the entry of Mr. Rollins is against the best interests of
Israel and makes it appear as if Israel does not want a reduction of
violence in Hebron.

I urge you to uphold the previous court order and permit Mr. Rollins to
enter Israel immediately.