ARIZONA/SONORA BORDERLANDS: Report from Cliff Kindy on Migrant Walk

June 8, 2004

ARIZONA/SONORA BORDERLANDS: Report from Cliff Kindy on Migrant Walk

With temperatures reaching 107 degrees Fahrenheit, CPTer Cliff Kindy and
twenty-eight others from the No More Deaths campaign continue their Migrant
Walk pilgrimage begun on Memorial Day weekend through the Sonoran desert.
In a June 3, 2002 check-in by phone Kindy reported that he was doing well,
but having some difficulties. "Despite the fact that we have medical
personnel, support vehicles, and lots of water and electrolytes, people are
still succumbing to heat stroke and dehydration," reported Kindy. In each
of the first three days of the pilgrimage someone was treated and/or
evacuated for medical reasons.

Learning first hand the difficulty of the migrant experience, Kindy
conceded, "I'm not sure how it would be possible to do this without
support." Migrants coming north seeking employment in the United States
regularly make this trip with little more then a gallon of water and
prayer. Last year over 200 hundred migrants succumbed to the harsh
conditions of the desert and perished.

On Thursday, June 3rd the walkers began their trip at 3:00 a.m. and
continued until 12:00pm in an effort to stay cool. Kindy and the rest of
the walkers covered 16 miles that day, the longest distance yet traveled in
one day. The only shade in the area of the desert where the walk is comes
from tarps put up by supporters.

CPT Arizona requests prayers for the continued safety of the Migrant Walk
participants, and for all migrants who are braving the harsh desert

For more information on migration issues and the present No More Deaths
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