IRAQ INVITATION TO PRAY AND FAST: 8 March 2005, "Miseries of the besieged city"


3 March 2005

IRAQ INVITATION TO PRAY AND FAST: 8 March 2005, "Miseries of the besieged

The Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) in Baghdad, Iraq invites you to join
with us every Tuesday for a day of prayer, fasting and action that will
continue until Easter week. Participate as you are led either by fasting
(the team will do a bread and water fast) and/or joining us in a time of
prayer. At 9AM Eastern Standard Time (1400GMT) the team will gather for an
hour of focused prayer. You are invited to join for the entire hour or for
as much time as you can. Please also note the Action Steps connected with
each week's sacred passage. The CPT Iraq team asks that you take the
suggested action between Tuesday and Thursday so that we can be working

We also created a web page where people can post reflections that occur
during their time of prayer. You will find a link to the website at the end
of the release.

Tuesday, 8 March 2005 Day of Prayer and Fasting: "Miseries of the Besieged
City" (Lamentations 4:8,17-18)

"Now their appearance is blacker than soot, they are unrecognized on the
street; their skin shrinks on their bones, as dry as wood."

"Our eyes ever wasted away, looking in vain for aid; from our watchtower we
watched for a nation that could not save us."

"Men dogged our steps so that we could not walk in our streets; our end drew
near, and came; our time had expired."

"Yes, I saw women and children dead in the streets of Fallujah. Some were
shot, and some had been killed by bombs," a young resident of Fallujah told
members of CPT. He himself had been beaten, interrogated, and detained for
thirty-five days.

These horrors took place just a few months ago, as the U.S. army assaulted
the Iraqi city with overwhelming force meant to quell the resistance.

"Please, tell U.S. military families what their children are being ordered
to do," the soft-spoken young Iraqi said.

CPTers in Iraq now hear from Iraqis, read in isolated news reports, and
learn from their own travel experience that the U.S. military has launched a
new wave of assaults west of Fallujah. The raids are part of a maneuver
called "Operation Euphrates." As of this 1 March 2005 writing, reports
indicate that soldiers have surrounded and entered multiple villages and
that the city of Ramadi is currently under siege. More than one million
civilians, including women and children, are at risk.

However, we are experiencing a near total media blackout of these events.


1) Please call your local newspaper, radio station and television station to
request information about these events.

2) Contact your elected officials and express your concern that the horrors
of Fallujah are being repeated.

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