CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT to have strong presence at denominational gatherings

15 June 2005

CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT to have strong presence at denominational gatherings

All of CPT's supporting denominations--Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite
Church Canada; Church of the Brethren; and Friends United Meeting--are
holding denomination gatherings in July 2005. CPT will have strong
representation at each, providing leadership for sessions and activities.

Below is a summary of CPT-related events at each gathering.

July 2 - 6, 2005; Peoria, Illinois
Theme: "Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus"

- "CPT Stories of Creative Nonviolence," an hour-long session sponsored by
On Earth Peace featuring CPTers Cliff Kindy, Rusty Dinkins-Curling and Art

- "Seek The Welfare Of The City," a Bible Study Based on Jeremiah 29 led by
pastor Orlando Redekopp, member of CPT's Steering Committee

- CPT presentation to high school youth led by CPTer Rick Polhamus

- Press Conference on Iraq with CPTer Cliff Kindy

- Public Witness Action to be announced

- Other peace-related sessions include: Teaching Peace To Youth; Helping
Soldiers Heal From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Parenting and
Peacemaking; Conscientious Objection To War - A Brethren Lifestyle; and
Becoming A Testimony Of Peace To Our Local Communities

July 4 - 8; Charlotte, North Carolina
Theme: "Can't Keep Quiet!"

- "Proclaiming Truth and Healing: a Charlotte Public Witness" -- The public
witness will reclaim Christ's Lordship of our bodies and money through a
mile-long prayer pilgrimage from the Charlotte Convention Center to a
military recruitment center. Our government aggressively recruits our
youth's bodies and nearly 50% of our federal income taxes for military
purposes.Through inspirational speakers and the prayer walk, participants
will learn Jesus' way of peace and be invited to redirect a portion of their
2005 tax dollars to life-affirming organizations. Wednesday, July 6: 9:00
pm-10:30 pm; (Convention Center Rooms 211/212A.) CPT members will train
peacekeepers for the prayer walk and give information about how to plan
local, similar public witness events.

Thursday, July 7: 1:00-3:30 pm (Hilton: Charlotte/ Mecklenburg Rooms);
Worship gathering and prayer walk to military recruitment center; with
music, children's activities and speakers Tim and Yvette Coil, Dick Davis,
Janet Plenert, John Powell, CPT co Director Carol Rose, Willard Swartley,
and Roy Williams.

- CPT seminars: "Bold Speech for the 21st Century," led by CPT co-Directors
Carol Rose and Doug Pritchard; "High Temperature Peer Mediation," led by
CPTer Rich Meyer - Seminar: "Between God and Caesar: Taxes and the Christian
Conscience" - led by Marian Franz, Steve Ratzlaff, and CPT Co Director Doug

- Conference-long CPT display staffed by CPTers

July 13 - 17; Des Moines, Iowa
Theme: "And the Lamb Shall Overcome"

- Conference-long CPT display staffed by CPT Iraq team member Tom Fox just
returned from Baghdad

- "Church in a Time of War," a seminar co-led by Ben Richmond, CPT Steering
Committee member

- Evening interest sessions led by Tom Fox on CPT's work in Iraq

Email for more information.