ARIZONA/SONORA: CPTers continue cross painting at U.S.-Mexico border wall

3 August 2005

ARIZONA/SONORA: CPTers continue cross painting at U.S.-Mexico border wall

On Saturday morning, 30 July 2005, members of Christian Peacemaker Teams
(CPT) and local partners Frontera de Cristo and Healing Our Borders, painted
eleven new white crosses on the U.S.-Mexico border wall near Douglas,
Arizona. Previously, the group painted seven crosses on the wall to
remember those who died this year crossing the border in Cochise County,
where CPT's Arizona team lives.

As with previous cross-painting actions, the group arrived at the wall to
find all seven crosses covered over with black paint. This time the group
repainted the seven old crosses and painted four new ones, to remember
Virginia Lizbeth Mejia Mejia, Otilio Juarez Perez, Rosaura Hernandez Rojas,
and Sandra Guadalupe Aparicio Rojas, the four people who died in Cochise
County in the month of July.

Unlike previous cross-painting actions, the Douglas activists invited
members of the local press corps and border activists from surrounding
Arizona towns to participate. A number of new people attended, and two
local newspapers published articles about the event. U.S. Border Patrol
agents greeted the group and observed the action, but did not attempt to

The cross painting is part of a prayer service to remember the dead and to
pray for Border Patrol, vigilantes, and all migrants attempting to cross the
desert. Participants also hammer on the border wall to express their desire
to break down the barriers that divide nations and people. After the event
on Saturday, many participants patrolled the desert in order to provide
food, water, and medical assistance to migrants in distress.