HEBRON Update 9 - 15 October 2005

Hebron Update 9-15 October 2005

Monday 10 October

The Israeli border police at the Ibrahimi Mosque
checkpoint kept the gate closed all day because of the
Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year).

During early morning school patrol, the Israeli
military had sixteen vehicles parked opposite the
entrance to Ibrahimiya Boys School and near the
Ibrahimiya (Yatta Road) checkpoint. At 8am the
Israeli soldiers at the Ibrahimiya checkpoint refused
to let any more Palestinians through. A Palestinian
man was very upset that soldiers would not allow him to pass because he
lives just a block past the checkpoint. Anne Montgomery spoke with a senior
military officer near the Gutnick Centre and he said that the soldiers
should allow local inhabitants to go to and from their houses. However, the
soldiers still refused to allow the Palestinian to pass, and when he
continued to argue, a soldier pushed him against the wall and twisted his
arm behind his back. Soldiers forced the Palestinian man to go back the way
he had come, after waiting for 30 minutes to try and go through the

Jerry Levin, Montgomery and Christina Gibb went on
midday school patrol at the end of school. There were
twenty Israeli buses in the parking lot below
the Ibrahimi Mosque. Large numbers of Jewish visitors
were in the streets near the Ibrahimi Mosque.
Soldiers had moved cement blocks on the streets south
and east of the Ibrahimi Mosque to create a one-way loop for the vehicles of
the Jewish visitors. Soldiers were operating a checkpoint from cement
blocks on the road that settlers use to come down to the Ibrahimi Mosque
from Kiryat Arba. The soldiers at the Ibrahimiya checkpoint refused to
allow a group of Palestinian high school students through the checkpoint
back into the Old City where they live. Soldiers at the same checkpoint
detained, for over an hour, two Palestinian men who were trying to go home,
and threatened the men with arrest. Gibb called an army captain (who had
said in the morning that soldiers should allow Palestinians to get to their
homes); he came and spoke with the soldiers who eventually released the men,
but refused to allow them to pass through the checkpoint.

During the afternoon, a patrol of eight soldiers came
to the CPT apartment and demanded that CPT take down
the peace flag from the roof (in place since 22
September). Gibb explained that the flag was a
message of peace for everyone, and refused to take
down the flag. The soldiers said that they would
bring a written order to take down the flag, and left.

In Jerusalem, Dianne Roe visited one of the pre 1929
Hebron Jewish families. Hebron Muslims saved this
family and many other Jewish families during the
1929 massacre of Jewish people in Hebron. One of the
men of this Jewish family said he had not recently
visited the Muslim family that had saved his
family because he was afraid that a Jew visiting a
Palestinian would cause problems for the Palestinian.
Roe made some phone calls to the Hebron
Muslim family who assured him that would not be the
case and his visit would be very meaningful to them.

Tuesday 11 October

The Israeli border police at the Ibrahimi Mosque
checkpoint kept the gate closed all day because of
Rosh Hashana. CPTers patrolled the school area at
the beginning and end of the school day. Soldiers at
the Avraham Avinu checkpoint allowed Palestinian
children to go into the Old City after CPTers spoke with the soldiers.

Gibb, Kristin Anderson and Montgomery went to a
meeting requested by a UN representative who was
investigating the difficulties of human rights workers
defending the rights of Palestinians. Several Palestinian human rights
organizations and lawyers reported on their difficulties and lack of any
recognized status by the Israeli government. CPT reported on problems with
Israeli settlers, soldiers and police in escorting children to school both
in Hebron and At-Tuwani.

Around noon, Gibb, Anderson and Montgomery saw Israeli
border police in H1 (Palestinian controlled part of
Hebron) detaining five young Palestinian men for ID
checks. After twenty minutes the border police
released the men.

Thursday 13 October

Israeli border police at the Ibrahimi Mosque
checkpoint closed the gate for the day because of the
Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. During school patrol in
the morning eight Israeli soldiers were standing next
to the area by the Ibrahimiya checkpoint where
Palestinian children go past. Children were hesitant
in approaching the checkpoint, unsure whether they
could go through. A woman soldier asked Anderson if
she could go tell three girls that were just standing
that it was okay for them to pass. Soldiers stopped
many school boys of all ages, opening and looking
through their backpacks. A squad of six soldiers
entered a Palestinian house near the Avraham Avinu
checkpoint and went to the roof.

For four hours in the afternoon, Israeli soldiers
refused entry to Palestinians at the Ibrahimiya
checkpoint because of the Jewish holiday.

Friday 14 October

During the morning the Israeli soldiers at the Beit
Romano checkpoint were using a truck with a mobile
x-ray machine to check larger bags and packages
Palestinians were taking into the Old City.

Israeli border police at the Ibrahimi Mosque opened
the entire Mosque and half the gardens to Muslims for
the noon prayer as it is the Muslim holy month of
Ramadan. Huge crowds of Muslims attended the Friday

In the late afternoon Anderson noted Israeli soldiers
at the Beit Romano checkpoint detaining a young
Palestinian man. The Palestinian man said that
the soldiers had been detaining him since 1 pm.
Settler boys had thrown rocks at Palestinian boys.
The Palestinian boys retaliated and then Israeli
soldiers chased them. The soldiers followed one of
the smaller Palestinian boys into his home and took
his older brother (the detained man). The Israeli
police refused to arrest the young Palestinian man and
soldiers continued to detain him at the checkpoint.
CPTers notified TIPH (Temporary International Presence
in Hebron) and an Israeli partner organization to
call the Israeli military to advocate for the release
of the young man. Soldiers had released the young man
when CPTers checked back at 7PM.

Saturday 15 October

At morning school patrol Anderson and a visitor
observed Israeli soldiers at the Ibrahimiya checkpoint
forcing all Palestinian children to