CHICAGO/TORONTO - A request for statements of support


CHICAGO/TORONTO - A request for statements of support

December 1, 2005

As you probably know, four of our colleagues, Harmeet, Jim, Norman and Tom,
are missing in Baghdad, Iraq. We want their safe return home. Their families
are very worried about them. We do not know with whom they are staying, but
there appears to have been a misunderstanding. They are peacemakers, not
spies. CPT has consistently opposed the war and the continuing presence of
multinational forces in Iraq.

If you, or your organization, could issue a statement which underlines the
firm commitment to peacemaking by CPT and its personnel, it would be very
helpful at this critical juncture. You might wish to incorporate the
comments made in the previous paragraph. You might also wish to affirm the
work of CPT as you understand it. We seek to reduce violence and to advocate
on behalf of the human rights of all Iraqis. We do so in all of our other
current projects as well--in Colombia, Palestine, Canada, and the Mexico/USA
Borderland. We work for peace in Iraq and for an end to the Occupation of

Please word your statement in such a way that it appeals to the humanity of
the current hosts of our loved ones and avoids any negative stereotyping. If
you feel like you need more information, or want to check the exact wording
of your statement with us, you may call Jo Roberts at +1-416-423-5525
between noon and 8 pm EST.

If you have connections in the Middle East, it would be particularly helpful
for you to translate your letter into Arabic and distribute it to your
contacts and media in the Middle East.

It would also be helpful to distribute it to your contacts and media in your
own region. For those of you who live in countries which are a part of the
Occupation of Iraq, especially the USA and the UK, this is also an
opportunity to advocate for an end to the Occupation.

We would appreciate receiving a copy of your statement at Together we can
end the scourge of war and violence.

Doug Pritchard and Carol Rose


Christian Peacemaker Teams