AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 15-19 May 2006

27 July 2006

AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 15-19 May 2006


Each day (apart from Fridays) the team monitored the police and military
escort of the children from Tuba at the start and close of school day in
two locations: At-Tuwani and Khoruba hill near the southeastern edge of the
Hill 833 settler outpost. They also accompanied shepherds, who, because of
the warmer weather, tended to go out in the early morning and then again in
the late afternoon. On a daily basis, the team documented the continuing
construction work on the low wall along bypass road 317.

In addition to Operation Dove (Doves), CPT's partner organization in
At-Tuwani, CPT team members during this period were Cassandra Dixon, Diane
Janzen, Rich Meyer, Heidi Schramm and Diana Zimmerman.

Monday 15 May 2006

Four journalists from Hebron (Reuters and AP) drove their car up to the
ridge on the southeastern edge of Hill 833 outpost to film the morning
school patrol. Two settlers, a man and a woman, came out from the black tarp
house and approached the vehicle. The man was shouting and gesturing wildly,
while the woman videotaped. Meyer began to walk from Khoruba hill to inform
the journalists that they had every right to be there, but they returned to
their car and drove away before he got there. The settler chased the car for
a few hundred meters. The journalists returned to At-Tuwani and filmed the
escort from across Humra valley. They met the children at the end of the
escort and interviewed the children and Janzen.

Meyer observed two men in orange vests moving rocks on the north side of the
bypass road between At-Tuwani and the Israeli settlement, Ma'on.

The afternoon school patrol was one and a half hours late picking the
children up in At-Tuwani. The soldiers offered no explanation for their
tardiness when they finally arrived.

Tuesday 16 May 2006

A Reuters journalist from Hebron joined Janzen and Schramm for morning
school patrol. He photographed the escort from Khoruba hill and then joined
the children in At-Tuwani.

Two internationals from the International Solidarity Movement joined a Dove
to monitor the afternoon school patrol from At-Tuwani.

Wednesday 17 May 2006

After school patrol, Janzen and a Dove accompanied a shepherd from At-Tuwani
in Khoruba valley. They observed a settler shepherd out with sheep on the
ridge below Hill 833 outpost.

In the afternoon, Schramm and a Dove accompanied an At-Tuwani shepherd in
Khoruba valley. Four military jeeps stopped on the ridge below the Hill 833
outpost, and approximately fifteen soldiers got out. They stood talking and
looking at the outpost for twenty-five minutes.

Thursday 18 May 2006

The soldiers were one hour late for the morning school patrol, making the
children from Tuba late for school.

Dixon, Schramm, Zimmerman and a Dove accompanied three shepherds from
At-Tuwani in Khoruba valley. Late in the afternoon, a settler shepherd came
out to graze sheep on the ridge above the valley.

Friday 19 May 2006

In the afternoon, a villager informed the internationals that there were
settlers swimming in the Birke (a large open swimming pool in the
Palestinian village of Karmil). Soldiers were also present. Dixon and
Zimmerman began to walk to Karmil but met some men from At-Tuwani returning
home. They said the situation had been resolved, so Dixon and Zimmerman

Dixon and a Dove visited families in Mufakara, who told them them the
village would soon be running out of water.