CHICAGO/TORONTO: Call for Expressions of Interest and Nominations - CPT Undoing Racism coordinator

20 April 2007
CHICAGO/TORONTO: Call for Expressions of Interest and Nominations for
Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Undoing Racism Coordinator

CPT has a two thirds time opening for an Undoing Racism Coordinator to give
leadership to CPT wide internal efforts to undo systemic racism.

Responsibilities and needed qualities, experiences and skills are listed in
the job description below. Preferred location is based in one of the CPT
offices (Chicago or Toronto), but other sites may be considered.
Compensation is a subsistence stipend based on need. This role may be
combined with another 1/3 time CPT position, but may also stand alone.

Persons with the required experience and skills who have not been members of
CPT are welcome to apply. See for
background about CPT. If chosen as the most promising applicant such an
individual will be invited to participate in a CPT delegation and month-long
training and discernment process prior to finalizing appointment to this

CPT is engaged in the process of deepening organization-wide commitment and
action to undo racism and is working towards becoming a more diverse
community. As with every Support Team position, factors other than
job-specific skills and experience may be taken into account to meet these
goals. Members of aboriginal or racialized groups* are encouraged to apply.

Contact Carol Rose, CPT Co-Director, at with
expressions of interest, and nominations by May 11, 2007. She will respond
with application materials. The search will be extended if a candidate with
the required qualifications is not found.

Be encouraged to share this message widely and to pray for God's work
through this appointment process.

* Racialized and Aboriginal peoples: This term is suggested by the Ontario
Human Rights Commission Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial
Discrimination, 2005: "When it is necessary to describe people collectively,
the term "racialized person" or "racialized group" ... expresses race as a
social construct rather than as a description on perceived biological
traits... other terms treat "White" as the norm to which racialized persons
are to be compared and have a tendency to group all racialized persons in
one category, as if they were all the same." There is currently no consensus
in CPT about what terms to use referring to people targeted and unfairly
disadvantaged by racism.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Undoing Racism Coordinator Position:

This is a two thirds time position to support and give leadership to
CPT-wide internal efforts to undo systemic racism. The Undoing Racism
Coordinator is a member of the CPT Support Team. The normal working hours of
CPT are flexible but demanding. Weekend and evening work may be frequent but
balancing it with time off during more usual office hours is encouraged. It
is understood that work hours will be expanded considerably during times of
high need, or on-site visits. Compensation is a subsistence stipend based on
need. The appointment will be for an initial period of three years with the
expectation that there likely will be a significant shift in
responsibilities as the strategic plan develops. Accountability is to the
Co-Director (Operations) through regular check-ins and a review every 18
months. In addition, development of a system of accountability to aboriginal
and/or racialized people is part of the job description. This person will
work closely with undoing racism consultant(s) hired by CPT.

RESPONSIBILITIES until development of a strategic plan for undoing racism in
CPT further clarifies the Undoing Racism Coordinator's role responsibilities

-Provide leadership and support for the development of systemic undoing
racism work within CPT with attention to ways that various oppressions such
as racism, sexism, heterosexism and classism intersect and to the ways that
it works in different ways in a variety of national settings. The intention
is that the Undoing Racism Coordinator will facilitate fuller involvement in
undoing racism work throughout CPT, rather than taking on the responsibility
to do that work for CPT.

-Participate in and provide coordination for the development of the Undoing
Racism Working Group towards effective leadership of undoing racism work
within CPT, and assure that needed tasks and functions are carried out.
Currently this group meets monthly by conference call.

-If not complete before your appointment, work with the Undoing Racism
Working Group and the Co-Directors to facilitate the selection of an outside
consultant(s) to support the processes of a racial justice audit and
strategic planning. Coordinate consultation with other organizations and
individuals outside of CPT regarding undoing racism, and liaison with staff
of CPT's sponsoring bodies as relates to undoing oppression.

-Work with the Undoing Racism Working Group and outside consultant(s) to
organize a CPT-wide process to develop, act on, evaluate, and update a long
term strategic plan for undoing racism within CPT that includes policy and
procedural changes, and structures of accountability in this work to members
of aboriginal and/or racialized groups. This process should coordinate with
generalized organization-wide strategic planning.

-Support implementation of elements within that plan in conjunction with the
Working Group.

-In coordination with consultant, ascertain CPT-wide the remedial needs of
those who benefit from racism within CPT. Support development of systems of
accountability and support for undoing white supremacy thinking and action.

-In coordination with consultant, ascertain CPT-wide the desires and needs
of those targeted by racism within CPT. As desired, support development of
systems of empowerment and support.

-Support the undoing racism work of CPT teams and groups. This includes
visits to project sites, facilitating and organizing for
meetings/workshops/retreats, checking in with groups regarding undoing
racism work...

-Support the Training Coordinator and trainers to further develop CPT
Undoing Racism training (both initial and continuing education).