US/MEXICO BORDERLANDS: CPT Announces July Borderlands Witness Drive

12 June 2007
US/MEXICO BORDERLANDS: CPT Announces July Borderlands Witness Drive

by John Heid



"How far would you walk to feed your family?" Six migrants walked to their
deaths in as many days in the Arizona desert this week, bringing the year's
total to eighty-eight fatalities in the Tucson Sector alone.


The query "How far..." punctuated a 6 June 2007 press conference in Tucson's
Southside Presbyterian church held by No More Deaths--CPT's local coalition
partner--as human rights workers shared first-hand accounts of the courage
and compassion of migrants they have encountered in the desert. No More
Deaths reopens summer camps and mobile stations in the Sonoran desert this
weekend as temperatures climb into the100s.

For those migrants who survive the desert crossing, incarceration awaits. A
record 26,000 migrants are currently imprisoned in the burgeoning network of
private and state detention centers across the United States.

Meanwhile the immigration reform bill debate drones on in congress.

CPT's Borderlands Witness Drive is scheduled to begin in Tucson on 2 July
2007. The team will travel along the US/Mexican border, meeting with the
myriad groups engaged in migrant aid/advocacy work, visiting and vigiling at
detention centers and collecting information/stories. Borderlands Witness
Drive will then continue through the southeast with meetings, vigils and
solidarity gatherings in Louisiana, Georgia and North Carolina. The final
destination of the Drive in early August will be Capitol Hill, Washington
DC, where the Drive's participants hope to show legislators the human face
of migration

Updates on the trip can be found at