AT-TUWANI: Cistern contaminated in Humra Valley

19 January 2007
AT-TUWANI: Cistern contaminated in Humra Valley

An international non-government organization (NGO) determined on 26 December 2007, that settlers or settler supporters contaminated a cistern owned by a Palestinian family in the village of At-Tuwani.

On 9 December, a group of Israelis, apparently visitors to the nearby settlement of Ma’on, or settlement outpost Hill 833 walked through At-Tuwani. CPTers observed the group stop next to a cistern in Humra Valley, open the lid, and raise the bucket. Such activity raised suspicions in the village because of previous incidents when area residents have found their cisterns poisoned with dead chickens or dirty diapers.

The same day, the family took a sample of the water from the cistern and gave it to an international NGO for testing. Results from a university lab showed the water had a pH of 2.4 (potable water has a pH of approximately 7) and a high number of solubles. The NGO determined the water was "contaminated" and not healthy for humans or animals.

The family has emptied the cistern completely, and resurfaced the interior with concrete. They have been without use of the cistern for over a month, since the day they suspect it was contaminated, 9 December 2007. The NGO that did the testing has agreed to fill the cistern with clean water once the work is complete.