MEDITERRANEAN: Making Café Nan a reality

3 November 2015
MEDITERRANEAN: Making Café Nan a reality

 Hello Supporters, Peacemakers, and Friends,

 This is not a typical blog post for the CPT blog site.  First off, this post is a fundraiser.  We chose to do it in a blog format as opposed to going through a third party site (such as Kickstarter, Gofundme, Crowdraise, etc.) because if we do it ourselves, no percentage of the donated money goes to a third party site!  That means that sharing this blog is even more important than the ones before.  This is a way that you can be directly involved in making a positive impact on Lesbos. So, without further ado…

 Greetings from Mytilene, Lesbos where we need your help!

 First, our story:

 Everyone saw the headlines in 2015: Men, women and children landing in the thousands on the shores of Lesbos in flimsy dinghies. Since then, what began as the gateway to Europe, has turned into a Hot Spot where thousands are stranded in limbo, often in overcrowded and inhumane conditions.

A street view of Café Nan

Since Europe’s controversial deal with Turkey to stem the refugee flow, many asylum applicants have been detained behind razor wire fences. Others, while free to move around the island, have been stuck there for months, confused and traumatized, waiting for the authorities to process their asylum applications.

Like all of us, these stranded people need purpose and meaning in their lives.  This is where we come in! 

On a small cobbled street in Mytilene, we have exciting plans for a new social-café initiative.  For this purpose we are renovating a building with ancient masonry. When fully restored, this café will employ refugees and use their skills. Café Nan will become a unique and welcoming space and give locals and tourists the chance to experience foods from the Middle East.

The beautiful stonework inside

The restaurant will not only integrate refugees into daily life on the island; it will also help to restore their dignity by giving those in transit the opportunity to earn their own money.

In our video (clicking on the word “video” will allow you to watch it) you can see the enormous amount of structural work required to prepare the building. While we have received generous donations that have allowed us to renovate the structure, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, including: 

Paved flooring – €5,850

Doors – €820

Serving counter – €2,200

The ceiling has already been redone!

Stairs – €1,500

First floor balcony – €2,900

Decor – €600

Restroom fittings – €800

Electric wiring – €3,700

Plumbing – €1,950

Architect’s fee – €2,400

Insulation – €1,300

Bannisters – €900

Total: €24,920

Here is the information for people making donations in Europe:

IBAN: GR53 0110 7620 0000 7620 0126 290


Bank Name: National Bank of Greece 

For people looking to donate from an account based in North America, there is a Paypal service called that is very easy to use.  It charges $4.99 for any transfer up to $2999. 

A huge thank you from CPT-Europe and everybody involved in Café Nan, Mytilene, Lesbos.

Efi Latsoudi

Lena Althinoglou

Evyenia Tziaka

Michalis Aivaliotis

Melpo Papadopolou 

If you cannot make a donation, please circulate.