AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos September 23 -October 2


School Delayed

Pictured here: Children wait at Qitoun checkpoint while one child at a time is let through the turnstile by the Israeli Border Police who check their school bags. Bag checks of school children are occurring more frequently, delaying many children and making them over an hour late for school. Teachers and adults were also delayed on their way to work. 


Searched before School

Pictured here: Palestinian child subjected to a bag search conducted by Israeli Border Police. On September 28, 2017, Israeli Border Police searched the bags of 22 girls and 70 boys at Qitoun checkpoint. This video, recently published by CPT, documents these delays.


Militarized Presence

Pictured here: Israeli soldiers asserting their presence in the city of Hebron, as they fire sound grenades at Palestinians. The soldiers have consistently assaulted Palestinians in H1, a part of Hebron that is under Palestinian Authority, with tear gas, sound grenades, rubber bullets, and live ammunition on Fridays, the day Palestinian Muslims worship. In addition to firing upon crowds of Palestinians, Israeli soldiers arbitrarily arrested several Palestinian boys.


Arrested and Blindfolded

Pictured here: Palestinian man arrested and blindfolded by Israeli soldiers near the military base at Bab al-Baledeya. The man was detained, blindfolded, and questioned for almost 2 hours. After experiencing this humiliation, the man was released. 


Power Line Down

Pictured here: On their way to school, Palestinian children walking on a street where a power line was pulled down by an Israeli garbage truck. Even though the garbage truck snagged the power line, the driver kept going, leaving the power line in the street. Palestinian families were in danger as they walked around the power line. Palestinians were also endangered as Israeli settlers drove cars at high speeds over the power line. 


Morning in Umm al-Khair

Pictured here: In the early morning, sheep, goats, and pigeons moving around in the village of Umm al-Khair. Residents of Umm al-Khair live next to the Karmel settlement, which has made living incredibly difficult as they are routinely attacked by settlers. Such violence has been documented by CPT in a recent video called Middle of the Night. Recently, a razor-wire fence was built by the Israeli military, cutting across grazing land owned by residents of Umm al-Khair. Sheep and goats have died as they walk into this razor-wire fence.